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4 Must-Have Camera Supplies For Photographers

Camera Supplies
November 23, 2021
[caption id="attachment_60387" align="aligncenter" width="598"] Image by Pexels from Pixabay[/caption] Are you planning to become the next big thing in freelance photography? Or, you just love clicking great photos for your Instagram feed? Anyways, it is important to have the requisite camera accessories to complete your kit. You do not necessarily...

What you can do to get most comfortable in front of the camera on the wedding day

October 31, 2018
Everyone wants to treasure the exclusive moments of the wedding ceremony forever, which makes wedding photography quite special. To make the wedding photo shoot most vivid and heart touching, it is crucial for the couple to be comfortable when facing the camera.  This can be quite challenging when one prepares...

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Installing And Using Video Surveillance System

July 4, 2018
It is said that up to about 80% of thefts can be prevented with the use of proper surveillance camera placement at home or office premises. Closed circuit television has largely been used for a few decades now. The cameras can not only help in catching a culprit, but it...