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Engagement Ring Options: Diamonds, Rubies, And More

Engagement Rings
March 17, 2021
So, you have been thinking of popping the question to your lady love. Well, we wish you all the very best as we understand that it would be such a nerve racking time for you. And it is only natural for you to be going over all your options to...

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring for Your Personality

October 5, 2019
Imagine yourself 50 years from now. Would you still love the engagement ring that you gave to your spouse? Of course, you should. That is why you need to be careful in choosing the right engagement ring for your personality. Here are some tips on how you can do this....

Six Ways To Save Money When Buying An Engagement Ring

September 23, 2019
Everyone knows that engagement rings can be quite an investment. While some people see it fit to spend 2-3 months of their salary on a ring, you might have a different opinion on it. There are plenty of proposal ring options out there today in a wide range of prices....

Review: Find U Rings

Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Women Eternity Stackable Engagement Wedding Band
May 28, 2019
Everyone knows I am obsessed with rose gold. It is really the only thing I wear anymore. I have a couple of gold pieces that I save for special occasions, but my day-to-day jewelry is only made of the former metal. Thus, when Find U Rings asked me to review...

The Vibrant Story Of Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

March 6, 2019
When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively announced the news of their secret wedding, all eyes were on Lively’s dazzling engagement ring.  For it was unique just like their chemistry, an oval cut light pink diamond weighing roughly 12 carats and valued at $2 million! The stunning ring is made in art...