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Five Best Things In Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Florida
June 17, 2021
Hotels.com asked me to share my favorite things to do and see while traveling in Palm Beach, Florida. It is a blossoming destination with numerous cultural treasures and an attractive city center where people enjoy one-of-a-kind shops, superlative dining, and countless entertainment options. And, we cannot forget, the city is just minutes...

How To Have An Amazing Jet Ski Tour In Key West Island

May 3, 2021
Key West is a unique small island, but it has plenty of things to do and see. You can start by experiencing the rich and exceptional local culture that originates from a mixture of the Spanish, the Caribbean, and British colonial influences. Combine this with a recent surge of colorful,...

Six Tips For Hosting A Kid-Friendly Halloween Party In Miami

Photo of Miami skyline at night.
March 3, 2021
Want your kids to stay safe and have a fa-boo-lous time this Halloween? Why not throw them a one-of-a-kind Halloween party they will remember forever? A private party lets you create a super fun Halloween experience for your kids and their friends, but in a controlled environment where you do...

Five Best Things In Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida
December 10, 2020
Hotels.com asked me to share my favorite things to do and see while traveling in Key West, Florida. Known for its sun, sand, sea, and sunsets -- it is truly an idyllic island destination! The southernmost spot in the continental United States is a readymade tropical paradise for epic endeavors. Set in...

Types Of Businesses In Naples, Florida

November 28, 2020
Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located on the Gulf of Mexico in the southwest region of Florida. Some of the most popular reasons people decide to visit the city are because of shopping and golfing. The city also has a pier, also...