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2020 Infographic by Hani Zeini: on How Companies Use Technology and Ethics

Hani Zeini
August 23, 2020
Hani Zeini: Companies Use Technology and Ethics Hani Zeini even as technology becomes more and more autonomous, humans eyes are still necessary in order to properly monitor it. Humans act as an accountability check to make sure technology doesn’t become compromised and threaten the safety and security of a business....

Hani Zeini: How is technology impacting interactions in the workplace?

July 15, 2020
Conference calls, video chats, emails, and other tools are facilitating modern office communications, with speed, availability, and flexibility the go-to-choice for most professional environments. Face-to-face interactions have taken a backseat, with Millennials bolstering much of the technological advancement, while previous generations remain traditional in their communication preferences. Regardless, we are...


May 15, 2020
Hani Zeini is a prolific entrepreneur known for his spirit of innovation. Hani Zeini is passionate about his work and has a strong drive to support the ambitious and enterprising students of America. Zeini has founded a $1000 Hani Zeini Grant with these students in mind and hopes to offset...


May 15, 2020
Hani Zeini is an accomplished entrepreneur with ground-breaking ideas. Zeini sees immense opportunities for businesses to change the world, and Hani Zeini is eager to support the next student-initiated business venture. The Hani Zeini Scholarship is designed for students with enterprising and entrepreneurial long term goals. Zeini also particularly interested...

Seven Fundamentals To Managing Small Business Finances

November 27, 2019
A Sound And Simple Business Foundation The small business owner, like the larger business owner or corporation, experiences many of the same issues. One big issue surrounding companies of any size is the finances which can be the deciding factor of you closing your doors or continuing to make notable...