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The Side Effects Of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss
July 6, 2021
Most people experience some level of hearing loss throughout their life — usually in older age. Hearing loss can usually be treated easily by prescribing a hearing aid. If you want to get the best hearing aids, then you can shop the otc hearing aids to experience crisp, clear sound tuned to...

Helpful Hints For Virtual Meetings With Hearing Aids

March 16, 2021
If you have hearing loss, the workplace is already difficult, though remote work has introduced a new set of challenges for the hearing impaired. Many people in the hearing loss community find virtual meetings more challenging as they lack the body language signals and audio quality of a live meeting....

Hearing Loss And Anxiety: Everything You Need To Know To Make It Through The Day

August 9, 2020
Hearing loss can make communication, especially in group settings, particularly difficult. This can create a lot of anxiety surrounding social settings. If you have found yourself withdrawing from conversations, because you are afraid you will repeat something someone has already said or not participating in class conversations or avoiding hanging...

Caring For Someone Who Is Suffering From Hearing Loss: Here Are Five Things To Keep in Mind

October 14, 2019
If you have a loved one that is showing signs of losing their hearing, it can be difficult to communicate with them. Most hearing-impaired persons do not want to learn American Sign Language (AS), because they have a voice and want to use it.  It is important to realize the solution...