Hearing Loss And Anxiety: Everything You Need To Know To Make It Through The Day

August 9, 2020

Hearing loss can make communication, especially in group settings, particularly difficult. This can create a lot of anxiety surrounding social settings. If you have found yourself withdrawing from conversations, because you are afraid you will repeat something someone has already said or not participating in class conversations or avoiding hanging out with friends, you are not alone. 

According to The Hearing Journal, “hearing loss, in many respects, is like living with a chronic illness.” Unfortunately, the emotional side of living with hearing loss is not always addressed outside of answering a few questions on a questionnaire when you go for appointments. Loss of hearing should not diminish your quality of life. Here is what you need to know about living with hearing loss and anxiety, so you can successfully get through your day. 

Make Sure You Are Using Every Available Technology To Your Advantage

There have been a lot of recent technological advancements made within the world of audiology. This is especially true for people who use hearing aids. These days, hearing aids that are rechargeable are more discreet and have better sound quality than before. Depending on your level of hearing loss, you might not have thought about taking the extra step to get hearing aids. On the flip side, even if you have hearing aids, it is possible that you might not know about accessories that can make your life easier at home, at work, and in regular conversation. 

It is important that you take the time to seek professional hearing services for all of your questions. Hearing Health USA is the largest group of hearing care clinics in the country. They are not affiliated with any hearing device manufacturers, which means they will be listening to your specific needs and pairing you with products that specifically fit your requirements, instead of trying to sell you on something. 

They have in-person and remote telehealth appointments, so you can get answers and recommendations from the comfort of your own home if that makes you feel more comfortable. Hearing Health USA offers the latest technology at affordable prices; because they care about you taking control of your health and your day-to-day life. Schedule an appointment. You could find a solution that puts your social anxiety more at ease. 

Seek Help From A Different Kind Of Professional 

Anxiety is no joke, and if you allow yourself to withdraw from your family and friends, because of your hearing loss, it could eventually lead to depression. Adjusting to the loss of hearing is not something you just have to deal with on your own. It is a lot easier to go through this process with the help of a specialized therapist. 

A therapist can help you talk through your daily interactions, pinpoint where your anxiety is stemming from, and come up with helpful techniques for navigating your feelings and social life. Any time your life changes, it can be jarring, and a therapist will be there to support you and to teach you how to support yourself and ask for what you need. 

If you are not sure where to find a therapist, withtherapy.com is an online service that can match you with the most appropriate therapist for your needs and situation near you. WithTherapy is the perfect place to find a therapist, and you can do it all with a few clicks on your computer. Recommendations from friends are great, but sometimes part of your anxiety is admitting to your friends and family how alienated you feel. This website gives you the ability to find someone to talk to with discretion. Give yourself the change to feel great and find a professional to talk with. 

It is easy to put feelings of anxiety off to the side and allow it to dictate how you live your life. Take back the reins by talking to a professional hearing service and finding someone to help you navigate your anxiety. You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

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