Using Online Therapy To Stay Healthy During A Lockdown

April 14, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everyday life around the world. As the majority of the people are compelled to stay cooped inside in one place, they have gradually started to display new levels of fear, anxiety, depression, and a sense of frustration about not knowing when the crisis would be finally over — if at all it ever will be.

Staying sane when stuck indoors is vital, so here are a few ways technology can be of great help to you in these uncertain times.

If as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak you are feeling stressed or anxious, reach out to an online therapist for effective intervention of the problem. Demand for online mental health support today is so high that persons are reverting to online therapy for answers to their daily questions.

No doubt online facilities from which a patient can connect with nurses, doctors, and therapists by phone or video chat have been around for many years, but the virus has pushed these into the forefront dramatically only now. Apps like Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp can be used to consult with your doctor to get rid of any demons which may be holding you back.

From telemedicine to high tech gadgets as small as the mouse of an average computer, a physician with the help of a high definition camera can examine virtually anything from your lungs, heart, blood oxygen levels, check your temperature and even look inside your throat for presence of infection.

This information is conveyed to your doctor real time who in turn will listen and interact with you by way of a secure video portal on his computer even if he or she is sitting half way round the world.

Through online therapy, certain diagnosis providers, by using specific instruments have managed to examine patients struck with the virus from a remote location. It can even help to monitor people in quarantine or examine them for any other condition without coming in contact with a potentially contaminated area. This not only keeps the medical personnel safe, but prevents exposure of the virus among the public.

As the pandemic spreads, healthcare agencies have begun to cater to long-term monitoring by using a 4G bluetooth plug-in device. This comes in handy for senior citizens or those persons with under-lying conditions as diabetes or cardiovascular issues.

Once prescribed, it can be installed in the house by a technician who guides the patient on its working. This device can track the vital parameters like heart and pulse rate real time, enabling the doctor to know when you are unwell, much before even you are aware of.

Most of the people who are needing healthcare right now may not even have the symptoms of the virus. Having said that, the worst place for them to seek a remedy during this time would be by making a trip to the emergency room in a clinic and risk exposure.

As the pandemic unfolds, online therapy is the only answer to limit the spread and decrease the strain on the already stretched healthcare system.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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