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Surviving Summer Heatwaves: How An Expert HVAC Contractor Can Save The Day

October 14, 2023
As summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise, many of us are looking forward to spending more time outdoors and enjoying the warmth of the sun. However, with rising temperatures also come the dreaded heatwaves, which can make being outside unbearable and even dangerous. In order to combat the scorching...

Is Your AC System Insurance Covered By Homeowners And Renters Insurance?

September 28, 2023
Many homeowners do not realize their HVAC system is not covered by their homeowner's insurance, yet this may not necessarily be seen as negative. Standard homeowner policies cover AC unit damage only in cases of sudden perils or disaster, such as an explosion or tornado. Damage caused by general wear-and-tear,...

What To Expect From An AC Installer?

June 3, 2023
One of the things that you can do to sleep well during the summer and become much more comfortable is to install the right air conditioner. Aside from the initial process of setting up the appliance and the ductwork, you will then need to regularly clean and maintain your unit...

Seven Common Summertime AC Problems: How To Fix Or Prevent Them

May 4, 2023
As temperatures soar during the summer months, air conditioning becomes an essential element in keeping homes and workplaces comfortable. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for air conditioning systems to experience issues during this time of year. Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air has seven common summertime AC problems and how to...

How To Know If It Is Time For An HVAC Tune Up

February 27, 2023
There is no doubt that maintaining your HVAC system is important for a variety of reasons. For one, it helps to keep your home comfortable. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that your system is running at its peak efficiency. This means that your home is kept at the perfect temperature all...