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Trendy Christian Tours By Gil Travel

November 12, 2019
Many tourists come to Israel because of its importance for the three major religions in the world; it is considered to be the holy land where people can learn about the history and religious sites while exploring the diverse and rich culture, traditions, enjoying delicious food, and meeting locals to...

Five Best Israeli Vacation Cities

March 20, 2019
Israel is one of the most popular vacation countries in the world. This is because it has pretty much everything you could want from a vacation. Beautiful beaches adorn the coast, while historical monuments are scattered across the land. A trip to Israel can take weeks or months before you...

Four Beaches You Have To Check Out When Visiting The Dead Sea

September 12, 2018
The Dead Sea is perhaps best known, and deservedly so, for its salty waters. They are a huge tourist attraction and something that many visitors to the area want to experience at least once. However, you cannot visit the Dead Sea without also visiting the beaches. There are a variety of beaches...

Best Israel Tours On A Budget

June 17, 2016
Even if you are tight with money and do not have a small fortune to spend on all-inclusive arrangements, you can still enjoy the beauty of Israel. However, you will have to know how to find and choose the best Israel tours for such type of vacation. Nevertheless, this is...