Five Best Israeli Vacation Cities

March 20, 2019

Israel is one of the most popular vacation countries in the world. This is because it has pretty much everything you could want from a vacation. Beautiful beaches adorn the coast, while historical monuments are scattered across the land. A trip to Israel can take weeks or months before you have gone through all the best cities to visit.

  • Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. This is because of its immense cultural and religious significance. All three of the biggest religions have sites of significance in this ancient city. 

The Old City of Jerusalem is filled chock-full with important history. The modern part of the city is instead riddled with small shops selling a multicultural assortment of things.

  • Eilat

Eilat is the southernmost city of Israel, known for its gorgeous beaches and marine life. The weather in Eilat is sublime, being warm enough to swim almost all year. Outside of beautiful beaches, Eilat has the Red Canyon, which is an excellent hiking spot. 

Eilat also features many other events related to watersports. From swimming and diving, to lesser known sports such as parasailing. 

  • Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the 2nd most populated city in the country. It is most popular for its insane, non-stop nightlife. It has been adequately nicknamed “non-stop city.” That’s not all Tel Aviv brings; National Geographic pronounced it one of the top 10 oceanfront cities. This is because of their populated, beautiful beaches on which many events are held.

  • Nazareth

Nazareth is known as the “Arab Capital” of Israel, due to its high Arab population. Its significance in religion cannot be overstated. It is the birthplace of Jesus Christ according to the Bible. It contains a multitude of historical monuments. It also contains examples of multicultural architecture.

  • Haifa

Israel’s third largest city, Haifa, is home to the German Colony. A cultural landmark made by the German Templers in times long past. It’s also one of the best Israeli cities for hiking, with vast green surfaces everywhere.

Haifa also features excellent surfing opportunities for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Now, getting to all these cities might be an issue, especially with the costly and confusing public transport of Israel. Taxi services are far too expensive, luckily, car rental Israel services are affordable and reliable.

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