What You Need To Train For Your First Marathon

March 19, 2019

Many of us start to run just to get in shape and lose a few pounds, we soon find out that we enjoy the sport and would like to compete in a real competition. But before you start training for our first marathon, you should consider some important requirements. 

Before you enter your name in an upcoming event, read through these tips and guidelines to ensure you are ready to submit that entry form:

Orthotic Insoles

If you are training for your first marathon, the last thing you need is to develop common running injuries. The best way to prevent conditions from occurring is to purchase high-quality custom insoles for your running shoes. If you have recently bought plantar fasciitis insoles in Australia help to you get through your grueling training sessions, you made a sensible purchase. 

Insoles do not just help your feet, they provide support and comfort for the rest of your body. When running for long periods, your feet are pounded by large forces. An insole offers protection by cushioning the impact and distributing the force evenly throughout your body. Having proper foot posture stops injuries and regulates the movement of your entire body. Orthotic insoles are highly beneficial for a wide variety of reasons:

  • They support your foot arch
  • You have less risk of developing foot injuries
  • Insoles relieve existing foot pain and other complaints
  • They promote a healthy gait cycle
  • You will see a marked improvement in your performance
  • They ease lower body pain

While you will find all kinds of insoles on the market, it is only insoles that are built with precision that will give you the best results and protect your body from injury. 

Realistic Goals

If you are running a marathon with your friends to raise money or just to challenge yourself, it is important to set realistic goals. If you are carrying a lot of excess weight, you should not use a marathon to help you lose those pounds. 

Set up a smart training regime which allows you to get in shape gradually before you contemplate running in a marathon. If you are under 35 and exercise on a regular basis, you should have no problems entering straight into a marathon training program, but if you walk to work the odd time and most of your lifestyle is spent in a sedentary fashion, you may want to consult with your local physician before embarking on a vigorous training regime. 

Look to set yourself, smart, realistic, achievable goals, a lot of small steps add up to massive movements. 

Lifestyle Evaluation

Training for a marathon is not easy, it takes many hours on the road to achieve your fitness goals. So, when considering the challenge, you must consider other things that are going on in your life that may affect your training regime:

  • Are you studying for important exams?
  • Have you just had a new baby?
  • Do you have young kids who require your attention?
  • Have you just moved into a new property or are you refurbishing an old one?

Carefully consider your current schedule and think about anything that may get in the way of your training regime. Most marathon programs call for long runs that can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. If it is not the right time, put it off until you have less distractions. 

Another thing to consider when doing a marathon is support from friends and family members. If you can bring someone else along for the ride, your marathon training program will be a whole lot easier. A training partner can motivate when you most need it, it is also good to have some healthy competition during training and as you run in the event. 

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