Seven Unique Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Girlfriend This Spring

March 20, 2019

Let us face it, men and women have very different expectations when it comes to gifts. Men are frequently more laid back about gifts and do not tend make much fuss about surprise gifts — whether giving or receiving them. If they get one great, if not, they just continue with their lives. The story is quite different with women.

When you give a woman a gift and it is not her birthday or Christmas, you can be sure that she is going to be incredibly happy and she will never forget this gesture.

Today, we are going to talk about seven spring gift ideas to surprise your girlfriend and put a big smile on her face:

Give her a t-shirt with an awesome message

Creativity always goes a long way when you are trying to impress your girlfriend with a nice gift. Remember that she will most appreciate a great message that she enjoys reading no matter how many times she reads it.  Maybe a custom t-shirt with a message that you can wear together. Matching gifts of apparel are always super fun and women love those.

A real rose dipped in gold

This is a very nice gift that shows  your romanticism better than anything else. This is a real rose that is going to last forever because it has been dipped in 24k gold. Do not let that scare you! It is a very affordable gift. When you show up with a real rose dipped in gold, you will win her heart all over again.

Make her a star map from that special night

Imagine being able to give your girlfriend a special star map of the sky on the day you two first met. This is a unique way to remember the special day when the stars aligned in a very specific way for you both. Just thinking about it sounds very romantic and it will be a heart-melting gift for your girlfriend.

A picture frame with a romantic message

If you want to make sure that she can have something to always remind her of how much you love each other, this could be the gift. Such a frame would be a nice addition on her desk at work or at home next to her bed. It is an excellent choice that will make her feel loved and special. This is a very nice looking picture frame that you can easily update with a new photo without a hassle.

A practical water bottle

Fitness is important and staying hydrated is just as important. Give your girlfriend the gift of hydration convenience while encouraging her good habits with this stainless steel bottle from Kool8. The water bottle looks amazing and it will keep her water or any other beverage cool all day long. An excellent gift for the active girlfriend who likes to stay in shape. Kool8 has recently been included in Cool Things Chicago Magazine’s best water bottles roundup and best water bottles for hiking roundup.

A gorgeous pendant necklace

Women love accessories and this is definitely a great gift to give to your girlfriend, because she will be happy to wear it. This is also a very affordable gift even though it looks expensive — a definite point to consider. Women love beautiful pendant necklaces so the gift is sure to be a winner.

A message in a bottle

This is also a very nice gift and it is ideal if your girlfriend loves what you view as being corny romantic chick flicks and movies with very cliché romantic themes. Many women love those things and do not find them to be at all corny. If this describes your girlfriend, you will find that this message in a bottle gift is an excellent choice.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for great gifts for your girlfriend, you will find that these are some of the best choices to consider. She will love them regardless of which one you pick. This butterfly ring is also a good gift idea. She will love them regardless of which one you pick. Do not forget that women first love the fact that you surprised them; the gift itself becomes secondary in her heart.

The one thing that really matters to her is that you care about what interests her and that you love her enough to show it in simple ways. Nothing says you care more than surprising her with an unexpected gift. You are going to be the boyfriend of the year when you do that and she is going to love you even more for being so thoughtful.

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