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2020 Infographic by Jared J Davis on Jared J Davis: Reasons why you can’t call your startup a small business

Jared J Davis
August 27, 2020
Jared J Davis: Reasons why you can’t call your startup a small business Jared J Davis It may sound confusing, but it is the fact that small business and startup are the two different models. If you don’t agree, then look at the journeys of Facebook and Walmart for some...

Everything You Should Know Before Starting A Hairdressing Business

July 9, 2020
If you are thinking about opening your very own hairdressing salon, you are in for a bumpy ride. Just like opening any enterprise or starting a firm, going off on your own will require a lot of sacrifices and investments. However, do not let this intimidate you and throw you...

2020 Info-graphic by Jared J Davis on Four Common Business Challenges

February 23, 2020
Jared J. Davis shares his knowledge and skill in Business. And also Jared J. Davis shares how to develop & improve our startup Business. Jared J. Davis

Some Crucial Points to Remember for Successful Business Debt Consolidation

December 23, 2019
If you have taken some business loans for covering the costs of either starting your business or maintaining its growth, then there is nothing unusual. As per the statistics provided by the ‘Small Business Credit Survey’ about 64% of the total loan applicants were looking for funds for starting a...

7 Start-up Tips for Your Own Makeup Business

September 9, 2019
Becoming an entrepreneur is the latest trend hence why should you be behind? If you have the knack of doing makeup and want to pursue it as a career, instead of working for others, start your very own makeup studio by following these tips; 1. Be an Expert: To start...