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Homeschooling Tips

May 27, 2021
The biggest and best benefit of homeschooling is flexibility and freedom. Homeschooling parents never have to be at a certain time in a certain room for class, even on a weekend. You always have the flexibility to adjust schedules around your own family's needs and rearrange the schedule as necessary....

Learning A New Language As A Family

May 4, 2018
Learning a new language like Spanish can be a great learning experience for you. The benefits of picking up a new language are well documented and have been studied at length and we can tell you that learning a new language allows your brain to think in completely new ways,...

Why eLearning Is Perfectly Suited To Your Needs

February 5, 2018
eLearning is arguably the future of education. We live in an age where the internet is at the forefront of everything we do, so it makes sense to align education with societal trends. Though it is not for everyone, online learning has considerable advantages that which differentiate from conventional learning...