Learning A New Language As A Family

May 4, 2018

Learning a new language like Spanish can be a great learning experience for you. The benefits of picking up a new language are well documented and have been studied at length and we can tell you that learning a new language allows your brain to think in completely new ways, build new connections, and learning a new language will ensure that your brain will stay healthy until much later on in life. Would you not want the same for your family? Here is why you should learn a new language as a family instead of just learning alone.

Learning Young

While it is known that you can pick up a new language at any age, we also know that it is much easier to learn a language when you are younger: When you are still young, your brain is still much more open to change and new ideas, which is why it is often easier for children to pick up three languages at a time than it is for adults to learn one. Encouraging language learning in your family as a group means that you are encouraging them to get started early and you are encouraging an interest in language early on.

Why Learn Together

Families are kept together by their shared interests and strong bonds — and sharing more interests can only make those bonds a little stronger. If you are picking up a new language like Spanish together, then you will soon find that you are challenging each other to do better and you will always have someone who you can converse with, so it is likely that you will pick up the new language much faster than you would have if you were trying to learn it by yourself.

Family Activities For Language

There are many fun family activities that you can do together to incorporate your new language experience. First, you can consider going to a movie together or get involved in TV series together, as there is nothing like an entire family who happens to be die-hard fans of a comic book series and you can have a lot of fun together by doing this. There are plenty of language-based events for families that you can attend together.

Attending Classes Together

If you want to study Spanish then you should consider having a look for language classes that you can attend together in your area. Many of them are available at your local college or university for free and some of them are available for a small fee or available entirely online. You will learn much faster if you are learning together and this gives you a chance to be able to challenge each other, which also means that your learning experience will prove to be much more effective.

Avoiding Boredom 

It is easy to get distracted or discouraged when you are learning a language on your own. Most people get stuck on a couple of words or sentences and then give up entirely. If you are learning a language together as a group then you will make sure that you never get bored with it. If someone in the family starts letting their language learning slip, then someone else in the family will be right there to whip them right back into shape.

Family Travel

Would you not love to take a family vacation together? Now could be the right time for it. And you should realize that you would adapt much better to the local environment and enjoy your holiday much more if you were able to speak the language: You will find people more receptive to you as a visitor instead of a tourist, and you will discover things you would not otherwise have known about. Learning a new language with your family is a great precursor to that vacation you have always wanted to take!

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