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Help Protect Endangered Sea Turtles In Puerto Escondido: Then Adventure On The Water And On Land

April 25, 2019
Dr. Marcelino Lopez created the Palmarito Sea Turtle Rescue in 1990 in the same period of time that Mexican federal government mandated a ban on sea turtle harvest, slaughter, and collection of turtle eggs for public consumption. As a matter of fact, the Rescue exists on the same site as...

How To Prepare For A Kid-Friendly Holiday In Mexico

Children Sitting On Beach
July 25, 2018
Mexico is an exciting destination for both adults and children. If your heart is set on Mexico for your next holiday, be sure your children will enjoy it as much as you. First of all, if you are driving to Mexico, make sure that the already long journey is not...

Five Jaw-Dropping Mexico Vacations You Need This Year

April 5, 2018
There is a reason Mexico is home to millions of people for their dream vacation destination. From sophisticated cultural attractions, divine beaches, and a nightlife that will make you feel young again, Mexico is one place you want to be in 2018! Yes, there are places in Mexico that involve...

Top Reasons To Visit Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico
July 20, 2017
If you are looking for your next holiday destination, you should look no further than Mexico. Mexico is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world, boasting a wide variety of activities for people from any walk of life. Whether you are interested in a relaxing holiday, adventure,...

Family Friendly Surfing Destinations To Consider

September 16, 2016
When you are young, a surfing vacation is quite simple to organize. You do not have to worry about much except how much money you save and where you can get the best waves. One of the most important things that you should consider when planning your holiday is where...