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What Is The Difference Between 500 Watts vs 750 Watts vs 1000 Watts Mixer Grinder?

September 29, 2022
[caption id="attachment_68235" align="alignnone" width="700"] Mixer[/caption] A mixer grinder has gained an integral part of an Indian kitchen. However, there are mixer grinders of different brands, capacities, wattages, and functions in the market. It might, thus, become difficult to select the appropriate one. In this article, we will discuss the difference...

Maharaja Whiteline Turbo Prime Mixer Grinder 1000-Watts Review 2022

May 26, 2022
We have known Maharaja Whiteline for 38 years. In 1976, the brand launched its first product Maharaja Mixie. Besides liquidizing, dry-wet, and chutney making, it offered three types of grinding solutions.  It quickly gained a reputation for providing easy home comfort solutions and kitchen appliances. With each new product they...