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Eight Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Every Mother Would Love

March 9, 2021
Mother's Day is such a special occasion for us to honor our mothers. It is a day to honor our mothers by telling them how much they mean to us. She is your mother by fate; and a friend by choice. She is your hero, your coach as well as...

CURRENTLY | 05.01.18

May 1, 2018
Watching | American Idol and The Handmade's Tail So, I was loooving the diverse cast of American Idol this year, until this past Sunday when my two favorite singers were voted out.  It is interesting that one was transgender and the other was an immigrant. They clearly had the best...

A Letter To My Son On My Second Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
May 9, 2016
My Darling Boy, Years before you entered this world and stole my heart forever, I would imagine you in my dreams and pictured what a gorgeous mix you would be of your father and I. When we discovered you were a boy, we decided together we needed a strong name for you,...