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Musicians Who Contributed To The World Peace

Joan Baez Concerts
February 27, 2019
When we see a musician performing on stage and listen to his music, we only see that side of his personality, but we may never imagine that music could go hand in hand with being an activist for world peace.  Some musicians have used their music to contribute to world...

Ableton Live Courses in Mumbai – Reasons Why You Should Study Music Production

November 11, 2018
Learning music is such a thing that has been taken as a hobby by many people since their childhood. In Indian tradition as well as culture, music has an important role to play. It is auspicious or divine. Music has been used for worshipping God or various Hindu deities. Music...

Four Ways To Give New Life To Old Vinyl Records

February 25, 2018
To many audiophiles, there is nothing better than listening to old vinyl records with a high-end set of earphones. However, as records age through wear and use, vinyl records can sound dull and noisy. In this article, we willl take a look at a number of methods that can breathe...

Introducing Your Child To Music

Kid With A Guitar
January 28, 2018
If you or your friends have kids, you have probably noticed that from a very young age, they tend to shake themselves around to the rhythm of any music that is playing. While there are certain types of simplistic, repetitive pop music that we think of as "children's music", you...

The Top Four Ways To Promote Your Music

December 7, 2017
You will more than likely spent a considerable amount of time perfecting your music, but all your hard work and talent will go to waste if you fail to market your songs. Ensure your success by reading the top four ways to promote your music: Create An Album Cover While...