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Can You Use An Exterior Paint On The Inside Of Your House

April 20, 2020
Exterior wall paint is meant to endure several forces of nature because it is naturally exposed to them when painted on the exterior walls.  The sun makes the colour fade, while rain can cause moisture build-up, ultimately leading to mould, mildew, peeling, and cracking problems. Due to these problems, manufacturers...

How To Protect Your Furniture During Painting

July 19, 2019
Interior painting can give a room an instant lift. It is cheaper to do than say, replacing your black sofa with a fuchsia velvet one, because that is the hottest color right now. Painting walls also lets you experience the colors that you would otherwise be afraid to try, because...

Important Tips To Remember When It Comes To Painting A Home

March 6, 2019
Painting your house without any professional help can be quite a difficult task. But trust us when we say this, there are several ways you can actually get it done without having to call a professional. As far as you know when to get started, what colors to use and...