Important Tips To Remember When It Comes To Painting A Home

March 6, 2019

Painting your house without any professional help can be quite a difficult task. But trust us when we say this, there are several ways you can actually get it done without having to call a professional. As far as you know when to get started, what colors to use and what mistakes are to be avoided, you are good to go. And in today’s post, that is what we are going to discuss. Keep reading to find out everything about getting your house painted. During the first walkthrough, your drywall contractor will be inspecting the framing to identify any challenges—truss lift, bowed studs, crooked walls, etc.

Always paint when the weather is dry

When the weather is humid, your paint will dry real slowly. So you should avoid painting on days that are rainy. If you really want to paint. Make sure to take as much time as you want. Slow dry painting is definitely a great way to go about it as it will help correct all the errors before you go for the next coat. However, never overwork on this one.

Use products that are made of high quality

When you are splurging on the paint, you should definitely want to pinch your pennies when it comes to applying. The good brushes, as well as the roller covers, will give you enough coverage so that you do not end up wasting time or reapplying and it does so happen that high-end tape can be beneficial when it comes to sealing all the blurs and drips. You can also check out deck paint reviews on prizedreviews.

Which brand should you go for?

Once you have made the decision to do interior painting, get engaged now in picking the best paint brand as well as the type of paint inside your house. The best brands for paint in India include Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux and so much more. Each of these brands will offer you a whole range of paints that have different prices and has unique paint finishes and features.

In the list below, we have added a good understanding of the products that most of the best brands have to offer you. It will also give you basic information on all the features as well as the texture, the range of prices as well as finishes. So without further ado, let us just get straight into it.

  • Asian Paints

This brand can be best placed into three different categories. All of this depends on the range of price. The first one is called luxury, the second one is called premium and the third one is called the economy. All of them have the same kind of categories and each of them has different finishes that you can pick from.

One of the best features about this product is that it falls within the luxurious category and it provides you immense durability as well as stain resistance. It has a great ability to wash and can be washable easily. However, the ability to wash better depends on the basis of the category that you have picked.

For example, Asian Paints has something called Royale Aspira. It has many features including crack building property and so many other things. It also comes with an amazing warranty of about 5 years. AT the end of all of this, you should remember that all of the products have their own attributes and they have a shield. More than that, they have many finishes as well.

If you want to get some really good wall textures, that can also be used.

  • Nerolac

The second brand is called Nerolac. This also can be easily divided into three different categories. The first one is called premium, the second one is called popular and the third is called the economy. They also have a whole range of products you can pick from. However, you have to keep in mind that the type of paint and the finish you want must match the look of your home. There are many that offer you some great wall textures while there are those that give you resistance on a good price range. There are many finishes that are available and are ranging between smooth and high sheen.

  • Berger

Now, this is one more brand you should consider. They have various ranges in terms of prices such as Luxury, Basic as well as Premium. They have few products when you compare them to Nerolac as well as Asian Paints. These paints are quite similar when you compare them to brands that have been added to the list before. However, all of the features come with scratch as well as fungal resistance. They have very low VOC as well as durability. If you really want some nice textures, you could go for silk illusions.

  • Dulux

The next brand that comes to our mind is Dulux. They definitely fall in the premium and luxury category. They give you a high sheen when it comes to smoother finishes of matte. They are all stain proof and can be washable. There’s one section called premium that contains promising interior paints. For most of these, the special effects paint products are offered by velvet touch. For some of the great metallic finishes, NY Metallics is definitely something you will like. The information should be a really sound understanding about what paint brands can you get right now and the products do they have. In order to make a good and easy choice, you have to compare these brands with the products depending on the parameters.

Mistakes you should always avoid when it comes to painting your home

Even though the entire process of panting inside for fresh or even repainting has been explained to you earlier, we would ask you to avoid certain mistakes to make sure they do not affect the quality of the paint. Apart from that, it could also damage the look of your home. As you prepare the list, these are some of the ways you should get your house painted.

Hence, make sure to avoid these common mistakes while getting your house painted:

  1. Applying the paint directly on your putty
  2. Applying way too much of putty
  3. If the paint is much thinner or thicker than what is expected to be desirable
  4. Time is insufficient between the coats and applications
  5. Painting during the rains
  6. Bad finishing of all the painting
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