The Vibrant Story Of Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

March 6, 2019

When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively announced the news of their secret wedding, all eyes were on Lively’s dazzling engagement ring. 

For it was unique just like their chemistry, an oval cut light pink diamond weighing roughly 12 carats and valued at $2 million!

The stunning ring is made in art deco style and is one of the most talked about celebrity engagement rings. Some like Blake Lively like it pink, but others like it yellow or red. 

Are you wondering what we are talking about? Colored diamond engagement rings, of course! 

And when it comes to colored diamond rings, how can one not mention Posh Spice? One of the prominent connoisseurs of diamond and gemstone rings is a former designer and Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. She has an extensive collection of gorgeous rings that she alternates from time to time. 

No surprise that Beckham has not one but two, colored diamond engagement rings.

One of her exquisite diamonds is a light-pink oval-shaped diamond set in pave halo and platinum with dazzling brilliance. If you are fond of diamonds then you probably know the source of these rare pink diamonds is the Argyle mine in Western Australia.

Her other favorite is an emerald cut fancy yellow diamond ring set in traditional gold. Beckham clearly has a soft spot for vintage diamond rings in classic cuts.

What are colored diamonds?

In case you are wondering about the nature and origin of colored diamonds. Those with colors are more saturated than ‘Z’ grade and are considered fancy colored diamonds. The grading system is entirely unique for fancy colored diamonds and uses criteria such as hues and depth of color.  

 The next factor in deciding the value of these colored diamonds is the carat weight. Since larger, colored diamonds occur very rarely in nature, their prices are exorbitant, not to mention their value. And since in diamonds, the value is all about rarity, the rarer the color, the higher the price. 

Remember when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a stunning pink colored diamond engagement ring, back in the days of ‘Bennifer’. Pink diamonds are quite rare and high in demand because of their short supply and the fact that the mine is set to close down in 2020. 

Jennifer Lopez’s ring is still considered to be one of the most beautiful colored engagement rings of all time. It stars a radiant-cut, fancy pink diamond, surrounded by baguette cut clear diamonds in a platinum band. 

The Harry Winston pink diamond engagement ring reportedly weighed 6.1-carat and definitely made headlines for all the right reasons. Too bad, they split up and she had to return it.

Is A Fancy Colour Diamond the right choice for your engagement?

Why blend in when you can stand out? A color diamond engagement ring can speak volumes about your personality. Imagine a cognac or chocolate diamond ring set in rose gold! 

If you are a colorful person in general, drawn to artful accessories, vintage fashion, classic Hollywood or royal families, then a color diamond engagement ring will suit your sense of style. You can choose a color that is special to you or based on their popular meaning. 

If you are heart is set on a colored diamond engagement ring, then the radiant diamond cut is a very popular choice for fancy colored stones, because they bring out the beauty of round diamonds with a step-cut. These shapes involve less wastage of the incredibly rare rough diamonds, so you can craft a bigger, finished diamond. 

As mentioned earlier, the hierarchy of colored diamonds varies with their rarity. Here is what it looks like:

  • Most common colors: Black, Brown, Yellow (up until Fancy Yellow grading)
  • Rare colors: Orange and Yellow (Fancy Vivid and Fancy Intense Yellow grading)
  • Very Rare: Green, Pink, and Blue
  • Rarest of them all: Red. Because of their rarity and short supply, red diamonds are the most expensive diamonds in the world. Unlike the other fancy colors, red diamonds do not derive their color from impurities and are all pure carbon — just like colorless diamonds. 

They owe their red color to the deformation in the crystal lattice structure. These are found only Antarctica, Russia, Africa, and Brazil. And because of their unique anomaly, they only occur in smaller sizes. 

If you have the budget, then opt for a unique cut, colored diamond engagement ring in a rare color. Not only will it be a great conversation starter decades down the line, but it will also be a great investment, even an heirloom piece of jewelry.

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