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Top 20 Dining Locations in the Philippines

Dubai to Manila
August 9, 2022
The Philippines is one of the tropical southeast Asian countries in the world. It is home to numerous beaches, entertainment centers, shopping malls, and restaurants. The Philippines is the best destination for island lovers. There are ample options for people to select from, like foreign cuisine, boasting local delicacies, bars,...

All You Need To Know About Philippines Visa Policy

January 5, 2022
Philippine Visas are endorsements made on travel documents by consular officers at Philippine embassies and consulates around the world to signify their approval of the applicant's visa application and their right to enter the Philippines and apply for entry permits to Philippine immigration officials at the ports of entry. The...

Top Five Islands To Visit In The Philippines

July 27, 2021
It is true -- the Philippines is an island lover's Mecca! The country is stretched up to 7,000 islands, each of which is a traveler's dream. The islands of the Philippines offer the ultimate island getaway, with transparent emerald seas and white sand beaches. Because the Pacific Ocean surrounds the...

Family Travel Tips For Philippines

July 12, 2018
Traveling with kids is indeed a very enriching experience, as this is a great way to introduce them to new places. They not only enjoy a great learning experience, but also learn to be adaptable and independent. Families love the Philippines for so many reasons. It is vast, diverse, and...

Family Friendly Surfing Destinations To Consider

September 16, 2016
When you are young, a surfing vacation is quite simple to organize. You do not have to worry about much except how much money you save and where you can get the best waves. One of the most important things that you should consider when planning your holiday is where...