Top 20 Dining Locations in the Philippines

August 9, 2022

The Philippines is one of the tropical southeast Asian countries in the world. It is home to numerous beaches, entertainment centers, shopping malls, and restaurants. The Philippines is the best destination for island lovers. There are ample options for people to select from, like foreign cuisine, boasting local delicacies, bars, snacks, restaurants, and others. 

Manila is the most populated city on the globe. You can book flights from Dubai to Manila for your trip at the lowest price. If you need to save money on flight tickets, you can book tickets in advance, travel with budget airlines, and use the mobile app to search for flight and hotel deals. A Filipino restaurant is the perfect holiday spot if you are a food lover. 

The following are the top 20 restaurants in the Philippines that offer a variety of dishes.

1. Le Bar 

Are you seeking a restaurant that provides a cozy ambiance and an all-day menu? Le Bar is your solution. Le Bar offers plenty of dishes that the experienced chef prepares. They provide fine wine, French-inspired cuisine, and live music performance.

2. Antonio’s 

One of the most popular restaurants in the Philippines is Antonio’s. It offers fine dining along with wonderful views. The restaurant has a modern interior that provides a comfortable experience to customers. You can customize the restaurant setting to your taste and eat delicious food.

3. Abe 

Abe is the perfect spot to try Filipino food in the Philippines. The restaurant provides the most excellent service for customers. It offers a great dining experience for customers, which feels like a tasty storybook.

4. Benjarong Thai Restaurant 

If you need a private dining room for a special occasion, you can visit Benjarong Thai Restaurant. They have a professional chef to prepare Thai cuisine. The restaurant is designed with elegant décor to attract the customer.

5. Crisostomo

If you need to try laing and beefsteak, you can visit Crisostomo. They offer plenty of desserts and refreshing drinks that one can order with the main dishes.

6. Bondi & Bourke

Bondi & Bourke is a top restaurant for Australian dishes. It was started in 2015 and is located in the heart of Davao City. Award-winning chefs cook delicious dishes with quality and fresh ingredients. The elegant interior and inviting environment make the restaurant popular.

7. Bugis Singapore Street food

Bugis is the best dining location in the Philippines that offers authentic Singaporean dishes. It would help if you tried laksa soup while visiting this restaurant. Also, they provide an ample range of drinks and street food dishes.

8. Crystal Dragon 

Crystal Dragon is the perfect option if you need to enjoy the Chinese dishes in the Philippines. They offer an ample range of mouth-watering Chinese dishes. The staff is friendly so you can enjoy dining in the restaurant.

9. The Aristocrat Restaurant

The Aristocrat Restaurant is open 24 hours, so you can eat your favorite dishes whenever you need. Chicken barbeque and ensaymada are famous in this restaurant.

10. Spiral 

Do you need to try fresh oysters? Well, you can visit Spiral. It is perfectly suitable for people who love buffet-style dining. Buffet has a variety of dishes such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, Filipino, and others.

11. Bistro Remedios 

One of the oldest restaurants in the Philippines is Bistro Remedios. It opened in 1998 and offers mouth-watering local dishes. Friendly staff, welcoming vibe, and plenty of local foods make Bistro Remedios an ideal spot for dinner.

12. Bar Pintxos BGC

Bar Pintxos BGC is located in the commercial hub. Red meat-based dishes are famous in this restaurant. It is the perfect choice for people looking for the best spot to enjoy tasty food, alcoholic beverages, fresh seafood, and drinks with a partner or colleague.

13. China Blue

China Blue is a five-star hotel in Conrad Manila that opened in 2016. If you are looking for a restaurant with a waterfront view, there is no better than China Blue. You can try a variety of Chinese-style dishes in this restaurant. An experienced chef cooks all dishes.

14. Blackbird

The Blackbird is one of the art deco dining enterprises that provides an eclectic Asian cuisine menu for customers. It is the perfect spot for dining, lunch, and a garden for evening tea. The ambiance of the restaurant provides a relaxing experience for the customer.

15. Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant 

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant started at the plaza san Luis complex. It is the best place to enjoy Filipino food with friends and family. They offer delicious dinner and lunch buffets, gorgeous interior designs, and live dance performances.

16. Finestra Italian Steakhouse  

If you are pasta lovers, you never miss visiting Finestra Italian Steakhouse. It is a five-star hotel in Manila that offers plenty of Italian cuisines. The restaurant’s breathtaking setting and impressive décor offer you the most excellent experience.

17. Cafe Ilang-Ilang 

Cafe Ilang-Ilang is the most excellent restaurant for the buffet dining experience. You can try various dishes such as fresh salad, local cuisine, international dishes, numerous pizza flavors, salad, and others.

18. Illustrado

Those who need to enjoy dining with live music performances can choose Illustrado. It is famous for lengua, soup, and tasty Filipino dishes. The restaurant offers a luxury dining experience with a colonial-style interior.

19. Casa Verde

Casa Verde is famous for its amazing ambiance and good setting. It has mouth-watering ribs and burgers so that you can enjoy dinner with a loved one in this restaurant. The interior decoration of the restaurant keeps the customer relaxed and in peace of mind.

20. Provenciano

If you are looking for the best place to eat, Provenciano is the best option. Balikbayans, fish, and soup are famous in this restaurant. The main reason to visit this restaurant is that you can have Filipino food of your choice. 


A vibrant city center, many beaches, and many tourist places are available in the Philippines. So, you can spend time with loved ones and friends to have a memorable experience. Whether you need to experience a thrilling dining adventure or seek a place to find with family, you can pick a restaurant in the Philippines from the list mentioned above. They offer tasty and hygienic foods for the customer. 



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