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Relocating To Portugal: The Importance Of Working With An English Speaking Realtor

March 20, 2023
As a real estate enthusiast and traveling mother, I have firsthand experience with how intimidating it can be to navigate the Portuguese real estate market as an expat.  From the talks I had with other expats while I was in the country, I got the following real case examples where...

What Five Portugal Beaches You Should Visit

August 29, 2022
Portugal makes for the perfect holiday destination with its stunning cities, rich historical background, and, of course, the beaches! While there are many gorgeous ones, it is basically impossible to visit them all, so narrow down your searches and make plans for at least a few of them. Then, check...

Lisbon Tips By A Local

November 9, 2021
Bo, one of SeaBookings’ founders, lives in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. She is head over heels in love with her city and is happy to share some of her personal tips. If you want some Lisbon tips by a local, continue reading... For those looking for an authentic experience...

Lisbon Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About This City

September 1, 2021
“Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on its flying signal flags. It is apparently inhabited by one man who lives in a long row of yellow houses with red roofs, and populated by sheep who do grand acts of balancing on the side of the hill.”...

Things To Know Before Renting A Car Using Location De Voiture Portugal

March 10, 2021
Travels beautify and fulfill your life, so if you want to live it to the fullest, you will use every chance to tour the planet. There are so many beautiful and exciting destinations to see it. One of the places that should definitely be on your travel list is Portugal. ...