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How To Determine The Potency Of Blood Pressure Supplements

January 22, 2023
In a country where over 47% of the population has hypertension, blood pressure supplements are becoming a necessity. Sadly, hypertension increases the risk of stroke or heart disease, among the leading causes of death in the US. Out of the 47% of adults with hypertension, only 24% have their illness...

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Supplements

September 6, 2021
There are many benefits to taking supplements. Most of these benefits come from supplements containing additional nutrients, thus aiding in our nutritional needs. Here are some examples: Supplements help people who do not enjoy certain foods with vitamins and minerals instead. For example, those who do not like vegetables can...

Why Exercise, Diet and Supplements Are Important for Older People Who Want to Keep Fit

January 29, 2018
When age starts catching up with us, life seems boring and what most people want is to just sit and let time pass by. These days, it is easy to just sit and do nothing, especially now, thanks to computer games and too much TV. However, the fact is that...