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Dealing with Beach Allergies on Your Vacation

October 28, 2023
Picture this: You've been eagerly counting down the days to your beach vacation, imagining the sun, sand, and relaxation that await you. However, just as you start soaking up the beach vibes, allergies kick in, putting a damper on your getaway. Don't fret! With a few simple strategies and precautions,...

How To Choose the Right Caribbean Island For Your Vacation

September 23, 2022
Image source There are about 700 Caribbean islands split into about 13 different countries, meaning that there are about six different languages spoken across the islands. Every island has a thousand different places to visit. Hence, a unique experience awaits you on each island. So, if you’ve made up your...

What to See On Your Mykonos Vacation

April 30, 2022
[caption id="attachment_64570" align="alignnone" width="700"] Mykonos[/caption] Despite its modest size, this island has a lot to offer, and many people return year after year, even if they've seen it all before, because the vibe here is unique. There's one thing you can count on: you'll never be bored. Renting a luxury...

Tips For Buying A Vacation Home

Vacation Home
January 11, 2022
If you are thinking about buying a vacation home then it is a huge undertaking. A vacation home is something that you need to carefully think about before buying. The wrong purchase can leave you with a home in a location that is unsuitable and uncomfortable.  This can destroy any...

What You Need To Know About Taking Your Home With You On Vacation

April 28, 2021
Bringing elements of your vacation home is one thing, but have you ever considered just packing your entire home with you as you travel across the country?  The housing market is tough and unkind to low-earners, but relocatable homes bring together the best of both worlds. Living small and staying...