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April 1, 2011

Five years ago, when I was living in New York City, I crossed paths with an Australian gentleman named Nathan Leigh Jones through the marvelous world of Couchsurfing.  I was so enamored by him that on the very first night we met I proposed. Of course, I had my motives other than him genuinely being one of the nicest people I had ever met and easy on the eyes (mainly I wanted to live in Australia), however I think after you are done reading this post you will want to do the same thing!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you already know that music is a big part of my life. I knew that Nathan was a musician, but it was not until he returned to New York City the following year to further pursue his musical career and I offered to let him “surf my couch” that I became intimately acquainted with his music.  I just so happened to have a piano (I play myself) that he would use to practice with and conduct small private concerts on in my apartment.  The first day I heard him sing I officially became his #1 fan.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to watch Nathan’s career blossom and I truly believe that he will be a household name soon.  One of the things that we passionately share in common is our love for New York City.  Shortly before he met me, he wrote a song entitled, “New York Tonight.”  I am excited to announce that Nathan has kindly offered a sneak peak of the song to all of my fabulous readers.  Not only do you get to listen to the world premiere before anyone else, he also recorded a brief intro specifically for My Beautiful Adventures.  Are you ready to propose yet?  Well, if not take a listen and then I think you will be!

As you are reading this, Nathan is in the air headed to where else but New York City to celebrate the release of his first CD (congrats my dear friend). If you want to check out more about Nathan and his music you can visit his website, tweet him, or Facebook him.  He loves to interact with his fans, thus I strongly encourage you to get in touch.

PS Nathan will be attending my upcoming wedding and performing my favorite song on his CD, “Beautiful You,” as a wedding present!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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33 thoughts on “Profile: Nathan Leigh Jones

  1. Lindz

    Seriously, you are the luckiest woman alive! You have the coolest friends. Can’t believe he’s playing at your freaking wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Krista

    Oh girl, this is wonderful! I’m so glad you met him all those years ago and that he is your true and dear friend after all your adventures. 🙂 Can’t wait to listen to his music when I get home tonight! 🙂

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      I’m sooo glad I met him too! He’s such a special part of my life. Wait until you hear the song!!! I know that Aussies hold a special place in your heart. 😉

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