France & Italy With Trafalgar Tours: Day 6 (Part 3)

January 12, 2012

There should be a sign on the door of Villa di Maiano at Fattoria di Maiano: Warning entering this villa may make your heart stop.  It certainly caused mine to skip a beat.  The first thing that I noticed were the magnificent chandeliers.  If I owned a Tuscan villa every single room would have one (even the bathrooms).

The villa features all original furniture from the 17 and 18th Centuries.  The rooms are filled with richly colored frescoes, elegantly refined tapestries, and furniture fit for royalty.  Can you imagine getting married in such a grand place?  Count Francesco Miari Fulcis’ wife is in charge of organizing all of the events on the property.



The history of Villa di Maiano is incredibly fascinating, in fact I hope that someone writes a book about it one day, since I would be the first person to buy a copy.  The details are what make it so special and are which I chose to photograph.

Fiesole, Italy


Our walk through the villa was brief, as we had a tour of the olive oil factory and a Trafalgar Tours Be My Guest lunch awaiting us.  But first, I took a moment to stop and smell the roses olives.

Of course, I had to pick one, so that I could now say in the future: I remember that time that I picked an olive from a Count’s olive grove in Tuscany. . .

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      It definitely deserves to be classified as a museum, you’re SO right!!! And yes Trafalgar totally takes you off the beaten path and shatters ALL stereotypes about tour companies.

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