Andi’s Pick: The Upper House

July 3, 2012

 The Upper House: Hong Kong

First Impression

I had never stayed at a Swire property before, however I had heard rumors that they are the best of the best.  Designed by the award-winning and highly celebrated architect Andre Fu, The Upper House, which is part of their collection, was created not only to impress, but to leave you with the feeling that staying there was a life-changing experience.  I did not even need to check into the hotel to already know that I would depart with that sentiment, as I was enchanted from the moment I walked through the front doors.


This luxurious boutique hotel is situated in a historical part of the city with a glorious view of Victoria Harbor and offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.  It shares the same building space as the JW Marriott, however it occupies the top floors only, hence the name The Upper House.

The Room

Instead of having a lobby, all guests are checked into their rooms with a personal concierge on their iPad.  Not only does this make the experience seem more personal, it is also environmentally friendly.  My breath was literally taken away from me when I walked into my Upper Suite — the view, the ambience, the lighting, the furniture — it was a feast of beauty for my eyes!  The king sized bed has to be the most comfortable bed in all of Hong Kong.

The Bathroom

After seeing my room, there was not a doubt in my mind that anything in the rest of the suite could possibly be better.  Well, I was simply wrong, there was something better: the four hundred square foot spa-inspired bathroom.  The deep limestone clad, free standing bathtub is so comfortable that you feel guilty leaving it to explore the city.  Next to the bathtub is an array of products that make for the ultimate bath experience.  You can choose to press a button next to the bathtub that will automatically lower the blinds, however the glass was designed so that you can see out, but no one can see in.

There is also an option for a walk-in rain forest shower that is stocked with glamorous Ren bath products.  The bathrobes are so incredibly special that I ended up buying one to take home with me.

And there is a spacious vanity area equipped for two people that contains everything you could possibly desire in regards to your bathroom needs as well.  The Upper House gifts each of their guests with an amenities kit that is filled with even more Ren travel-sized bath products.

The Extras

I could write a book about all of the extraordinary details throughout this amazing property.  Although, the best extras are found inside the living room.  In the mini-bar section there is an assortment of food and drinks to choose from, all of which are complimentary.  There is a large selection of coffee table books to browse through while luxuriating on the large L-shaped bespoke couch.  Next to the dining table is an iTouch where you can order room service or select music from the fully-loaded library of songs to play on the speakers wired throughout the entire Upper Suite.

The Upper House

Why It Is Andi’s Pick

It is impossible for me to choose one or even five things that I loved most about The Upper House.  In my humble opinion it truly defines perfection!  To see more about my stay you can watch my video review.

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Andi's Pick

This hotel has been carefully selected and is highly recommended by Andi Perullo de Ledesma, the Editor-in-Chief and Creator of My Beautiful Adventures. She travels the world in search of the best in luxury accommodation. If your hotel would like to be reviewed for consideration of being added into the elite collection of "picks," please contact Andi at:

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100 thoughts on “Andi’s Pick: The Upper House

  1. James

    Great write up. That is one swank hotel. You do NOT even want to know where I stayed when I was in Hong Kong, but suffice to say that it was THE smallest room I’ve ever seen. I basically had to unpack in the hallway! LOL. A far cry (I wish there was a word that described something MORE than “far”… a “distant” cry? a “boundless” cry?) away from the Upper House. SIGH.

  2. Mary R

    I thought I had found the most luxurious place in HK at the HK Intercontinental, but this place looks AMAZING! Gotta love that bathtub! It was so cute in your video when you said you needed to take some time for yourself and use that bath! Good for you!

    1. Andi Perullo

      I loved the Intercontinental as well, such a glamorous place & in the perfect location! But yeah, the bathtub at TUH is just too amazing for words!!! Haha thanks for your sweet comment about the video. 🙂

  3. Sabina

    I love the location of that bed – and the bathtub! I could have gotten in bed and spent all day there with such a gorgeous view. In fact, I could happily live in that suite forever. Good for you for getting to stay there!

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