Germany With AirBerlin: Day 1

January 12, 2014

Although I was born and raised in the United States, I still feel very German.  Both of my maternal Grandparents immigrated from Germany and raised me with their traditions, culture, and language.  Despite my closeness with their home country, I had only visited once in my life and while I desired to return, the opportunity never presented itself.  Thus, when I received an invitation from AirBerlin to experience Germany with them — on my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday no less — I could not have been more excited!

The trip began with an unforgettable flight via AirBerlin’s brand-new business class from New York City to Berlin.  It was without a doubt the most luxurious plane ride I have ever taken.  It is very rare that I am sad when a plane lands, but this time was definitely an exception.  From the airport, I quickly departed for the train station for my two-hour ride to Dresden, the city my trip would officially begin in.

My grandmother warned me that I would fall in love with Dresden and she was right, as I was swept off my feet in seconds!  In order to become familiarized with the city, AirBerlin provided me and the rest of the group with a guided tour through Dresden’s centuries old cobblestone streets.  Unfortunately, we were a week too early to see the Christmas Markets open, however it was impossible to not get caught up in the infectious spirit of the holiday season that was already all around us.  The Dresden Christmas Markets happen to be the oldest in all of Germany, dating back to the 15th Century.

During World War II, Dresden suffered major destruction to its magnificent buildings.  Even though it has since been rebuilt, it is still possible to this day to see the damaging effects of this hideous part of our history.  Nonetheless, when traveling in Dresden be prepared to be in absolute awe of its human-made beauty.

Dinner was held at the unforgettable Pulverturm restaurant courtesy of Dresden Marketing.  If you should find yourself in Dresden, this place cannot be missed.  While the Saxonian food is superb, what really sets it apart from the rest is its ambiance.  Housed in the original walls of the “Pulverturm,” which was once one of the most important buildings in all of Saxony, dining in this restaurant is truly like taking a step back in time.

Could you think of a better way to end your first night in Germany than with a slice of delicious apfelkuchen?

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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70 thoughts on “Germany With AirBerlin: Day 1

  1. Julia

    Although I was only there for a few hours on my way back from Berlin, I fell in love with Dresden! It had been on my radar since reading Slaughterhouse Five in high school, so seeing the church with the few original bricks was definitely memorable. Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Nat Bottacin Photography

    You can tell your grandma that I fell in love with Dresden as well! I mean, it´s very hard not to have feelings for a place like that one! The architecture, the details, the cobblestone streets they all add to my brand new infatuation with this place! And I am really amazed because I never felt very attracted to any part of Germany at all!

  3. Heather

    While not as closely linked to Germany as you are, my mom has a very German maiden name and most of her side of the family came from Germany whenever they first made their way to the US. I fell in love with Germany the first (and only) time I went, and I’m determined to return. Beautiful pics as always!

    1. Andi Perullo de Ledesma Post author

      Fingers crossed you can return! I want to go back again this time with Lucas. I wish that I could go back with my Grandparents, but they are too old to travel now. Thank you for your kind words re: my pics.

  4. Emily in Chile

    I have never really thought about Dresden as one of the places in Germany I’d like to go, but it sounds like I should reconsider that. It looks beautiful, and I can only imagine those cobblestone streets with the Christmas Markets going on!

  5. Traveling Ted

    Like Julia I have read Slaughterhouse Five and loved it, so I have always wanted to visit the city. This feeling has been intensified by your beautiful pictures. I will definitely visit someday.

    I would not call this a hideous part of our history though. We were just trying to win the war as quickly as possible. The faster the war ends the less casualties on both sides. It may have been a mistake to bomb Dresden as the military importance of the city was questionable, but it was a war we never wanted and was brought to us by Hitler and Tojo. Japan bombed us and then Germany declared war on us. It is regrettable though that such a beautiful city was perhaps needlessly destroyed.

    1. Andi Perullo de Ledesma Post author

      Oooh sorry you totally misunderstood what I meant by “hideous part of our history”. I was referring to what Hitler was doing, not to what the Americans did. I apologize if that was unclear. My Grandfather was able to escape Germany, by joining the US Military, so I was not criticizing them in any way!!!

      I hope you can visit Dredsen one day soon, I know you’ll fall in love with it.

  6. Rebecca

    What a beautiful city, I miss Germany a whole lot. I never had the chance to visit Dresden though (we lived in the Southern part of Germany). It looks like I missed out by not visiting!

  7. Casey @ A Cruising Couple

    Stunning! Germany is one place in Europe that never really caught my interest until lately (crazy, I know). We are planning on spending some time this spring to travel around it though- definitely going to add Dresden to the list!

  8. Cata

    I don’t know what that dessert is, but I want some of it now! My parents loved Dresden. I want to go to Germany on my next trip to Europe.

  9. The Guy

    Great pictures, Dresden looks like a lovely place. I often find that Germany is so full of character and great design in it’s architecture.

    I’ve never flown Air Berlin. I’d love to hear more as to why you loved the in-flight experience so much.

  10. Colleen Brynn

    I went to Dresden (twice) in 2005 because it was so enchanting! Love it there. I can only imagine how glorious it would be around Christmastime. My fave pic has to be the one of you reflecting in the Christmas ornament. Beautiful photos as always. x

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  12. Jamie

    Wow. I’ve said it before but you REALLY need to do a coffee table book with your photos. Anyone who isn’t interested in travel would be after seeing these. What an adorable town and AMAZING restaurant. I’m hoping to get to Germany myself next year, I might have to make some room for Dresden. It looks like a fairy tale city.

    1. Andi Perullo de Ledesma Post author

      Seriously, you have no idea how much that means to me when you say that!!! I can’t even imagine having a coffee table book with my photos. What a dream! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. I hope that you can find room for Dresden. I know you would absolutely fall head over heels in love with it.

  13. Tara Lin

    Andi, thank you so much for always inspiring me to travel to new places! Adding Dresden to the list, as well as AirBerlin too!!!

  14. Joanne Makein Hornemann

    Fell in love with Dresden in 1999, only now getting to go back this May. I am so looking forward to it all over again.

  15. Henry | @fotoeins

    Faced with photos and views like these, how can anyone dislike Dresden? Nope, not me! I would’ve liked another 1-2 days to go through Dresden in a slower manner than a mere daytrip from Berlin. Thanks for your post, Andi!

  16. Camels & Chocolate

    Berlin has got to be one of my favorite international cities. It’s one of those “something or everyone” destinations, and I’d love to go back during Christmastime at some point! I’ve never been to Dresden, but I’ve also never been to a German city I didn’t love so I’m sure I’d dig it, too. Having spent 14 months living on either side of Germany–to the west in Holland and the north in Denmark–I found myself there a lot.


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