Germany With AirBerlin: Day 5 (Part 1)

March 3, 2014

Our last day in Germany was truly magical.  AirBerlin was determined to show us some of the best of what the country and their company has to offer in less than a week and they certainly accomplished their goal.  In the morning, the only thing that we were told beforehand was that we were being taken to the Dusseldorf International Airport for an unforgettable surprise in the Airberlin hangar.  We honestly had no idea what to expect other than that a plane would possibly be involved.  Imagine our delight when we were greeted not only by a plane, but by more than a dozen Santa Clauses as well!

Since 2010, AirBerlin has debuted a special aircraft every November and we were there to witness the unveiling of the 2013 Boeing 737-800 operating under the motto “Flying home for Christmas”.  Anyone who flies home during the holiday season with AirBerlin has a good chance of traveling in their festively-decorated plane, which also sells holiday-themed food such as currywurststollen, and glühwein.  “I am delighted to have the opportunity of operating the first flight this year in airberlin’s Christmas colors.  It is always a special occasion, bringing flight guests home to their families and friends in airberlin’s Christmas aircraft,” First Officer Andreas Graute explained before navigating the inaugural flight from Dusseldorf to Copenhagen.

The 2013 design of the plane resembled a wreath of candles — one for each day of Advent.  For the first time, AirBerlin was able to have a design that achieved a different effect at night to that created during the daytime, as the aircraft had an atmospheric ambience on evening flights.  Since the Santa Clauses kindly invited us onto the plane, I saw that the interior was also decorated in a festive mood with specially-made headrest covers.

The event also included delicious crepe stands that I kept revisiting over and over again.

As I was enjoying a Nutella crepe, several of the Santa Clauses with their giant present bags came over to me with stern looks on their faces.  One of them was holding a book that he claimed had the official ‘naughty or nice list’ inside.  I disclosed my name to him and after he looked me up he said,”Oooooooh, you were a naughty girl this year young lady.  You told a lie to your friend! I was so embarrassed when he announced this; I felt as though everyone in the hangar was looking at me.  Just as I was about to go drown my sorrows in more Nutella, he continued with, “Wait a second, I have made a mistake, it says here that the lie actually made your friend feel good, so you are definitely on the nice list!”  I was then given about ten heart-shaped chocolates and all was good in the world again.  

As far as I was concerned, I could have left Germany right then and there on this incredible high note, but of course AirBerlin had even more in store for us. . .

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