Camping And Caravan Buying Tips

November 24, 2014

Camping is a very popular leisure activity of almost all ages. If traveling and camping is your forte, you must know all the basic rules and regulations to having a safe and memorable camping experience. Caravan camping is a recently hyped adventure, which actually started ages ago with the advent of the gypsy classes. However, now the caravans used for camping are much more modernized, well-equipped, and have all of the amenities that would cater to your traveling and camping needs. There are few things that should be kept in mind if you are planning to buy a caravan and go camping; this article will tell you about all of the useful camping tips and how to buy the right caravan for your trip:

  • The first tip for going to outdoor camps is that you should always settle down before it is dark. Choose the right shelter for yourself: be it a tent, caravan, RV, or a cabin — some even prefer a hammock in the wild. If it is a tent or tarp, your sleeping bag must be waterproof and well secured.
  • Bring enough of dry food and zipped pouches to store them for long. Water, fluids, and juicy fruits for fast consumption is a good idea as well. The basic idea is to have energy rich food to keep you up throughout the exertion.
  • A short list of must bring items include: knife, fire starting materials, pans, pots, both plastic plates and reusable plates, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, mosquito repellents, duct tape, electric hook up, comfortable and appropriate clothing, camping chairs, torch, batteries, cords, bottle opener, first aid kit, portable toilet, and rolling wipes.

Buying a caravan is undoubtedly a difficult task if it is the first time. Before making the purchase you need to consider many things, like what kind of facilities you need within the caravan, what kind of a caravan is required, and what supporting accessories should be there with the caravan. Check out the following pointers to make the most diligent caravan purchase:

  • Give a minute look into the interiors of the caravan. You can even start with the cupboards and see how well they have given the finishing touch to the vehicle. Do not go for the weighted ones as they are not genuine timber in that case.
  • Decide the purpose of the vehicle: if you will be taking it for short trips, long ones, if kids with accompany you or you, are buying it for commercial use. Once you decide the purpose, you will be able to gauge the features you need and all the accessories you may need such as a pure sine wave inverter.
  • If you are a beginner, then buy a small caravan as it is easier to tow. Understand your towing capacity first before buying the caravan. The usual size of caravan that people buy is between 11 and 24 feet. Make sure to look into a composting toilet for RV as well, which will save a lot of space.
  • You can also buy used caravans, but then you might have to compromise on the quality of the features. New caravans are undoubtedly chic and clean offering all the benefits, starting from safety features to comforts and designs. In fact, many people custom build their new caravans to suit the purpose. However, if you buy used caravans, get it from a licensed dealer only. They already do many repeated checks on the vehicle before selling it off to you.
  • Look into caravan insurance. Try the Caravan Club, who are specialists in this area as you might expect.

You must not be thinking of any theft or damage to your new vehicle, although accidents happen suddenly, so be well prepared to handle the costs. Once you get your caravan insured with a proper agent, you can stay tension free in either cases: static or moving vehicle. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the insurance company well before buying it. And make sure you consider how to keep the kids in check during the car journey!

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