When Should You Visit Koh Samui

September 3, 2015

Want to visit Koh Samui? Read further to know more about the weather!

Koh Samui is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand and is this is for a good reason. The entire area is known for having beautiful scenery, along with great tourist attractions. Many people traveling to this part of Thailand often talk about how beautiful it is, along with how great the weather is. In order to make the best out of your time, it is crucial to know when the right time to come is.

It is important to note the geographical location of Koh Samui. The entire island is situated in a tropical area and is close to the equator. The fact that the area is close to the equator means that the average temperature will be a lot higher than many areas in North America and Europe. Thus, people who are traveling from these areas should expect to experience much hotter temperatures than what they are used to.

Due to the tropical climate of Koh Samui, there are many times of the year where there is a lot of humidity. Many countries that are close to the equator are known for being quite susceptible to high levels of humidity. This can make the already high temperature seem even hotter than it actually is.

With that being said, Koh Samui also has a very dry season. During this season, the humidity that is almost always abundant temporarily ceases to exist. Many people like to say that this dry season on Koh Samui is best for individuals looking to swim in the many beaches located all throughout the island. Everyone agrees that warm temperatures along with low levels of humidity are the best combination of weather when it comes to relaxing on the beachside.

There are also rainy seasons on Koh Samui. These rainy seasons usually come before the summer and end up causing a large amount of rainfall. Whenever there is no rain, there is often lots of clouds and humidity. The rainy season is not a particularly enjoyable time to be visiting Koh Samui. This is because the humidity and the rain cause unfavourable conditions for relaxing on the beachside or enjoying water activities. People who are looking to visit Koh Samui should make sure that they avoid visiting during the rainy season. The dates when it happens usually differ, so make sure you check beforehand.

Many tourists coming to Koh Samui say the best time to visit are during the early fall and the late spring. During these times, the weather is often very dry, meaning low humidity, yet is also warm. However, the temperatures are not too high to cause discomfort. With that being said, these times are usually the most popular for tourists. This means that reservations for hotels or villas should be made as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

For anyone looking for a paradise on earth, they should go and enjoy the beautiful island of Samui. The weather in places such as this, especially during the dry season, is absolutely perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and comfortable getaway. Many people who have visited this magnificent place have said that they absolutely love the area and will most certainly be planning to visit once again in the future.

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