Essential Features For Traveling Apps Today

November 5, 2015

Traveling applications are a great way for people to plan their travel conveniently using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. If you want to design a travelling app, you should consider inserting features that will make sure your audience could access everything they need for their entire trip through your app. You can include features such as: maps, a currency converter tool, and a language translator amongst others.

Travel Planner

The travel planner is an essential feature in a travelling app. The travel planner breaks down the various elements of the trip including: departure dates, destinations, and activities for these destinations. The travel planner should give the weather predictions for the duration of time one is planning to visit a specific destination, along with snazzy additions like suggesting what to wear while they travel. You can even allow one to create a profile for a more personalized experience when using the application or leaving reviews for travel destinations they have visited before.

Information Page

When people plan to travel, they need to know what they are signing up for. You should include informational features in traveling apps that tells the customer more about the kind of interesting places they can visit in that destination, the fun activities to do, and restaurants to eat in. You can even include reviews from other customers who have visited the place and wanted to share more about their experience. Including customer reviews makes the destination more realistic than simply describing the destination in carefully chosen terms.


You cannot have a traveling app without a map. Maps powered by Google for instance are a great feature to add to your application. Google has detailed maps with satellite, traffic, and street views to make it easier for your app users to find various locations when traveling. Most of the time, when people travel to a new destination they hardly know their way around. Maps can help them find the way to specific places without wasting too much time.

Language Translation

New destinations may equally mean a new language. To make it easier for tourists to find their way around, you can add a language translation feature that helps one translate common phrases, greetings, asking for directions, or ordering food. This helps to reduce the communication issues that most people experience when they travel to a new country. You can borrow from the Google word lens, a free application that allows you to simply take a picture of the word that you are trying to translate and translates the word from the picture you take. This makes it much easier to deal with unique characters such as Cantonese.


When planning to travel, a lot of things can be overlooked or forgotten. Adding personal reminders can help individuals remember to carry travel documents, the flight departures, or subway timings. These alert features will help the traveler manage their schedule better, so they can manage to cover all the places they want to visit during their trip.

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