Six Animal Specific Elisa Testing Kits For Traveling Vets

March 4, 2016

If you are a veterinarian, you will find that you will have to travel far and wide to have to look at different animals. Pet, zoo, and park animals are part of your daily interaction and because it would be an inconvenience to fly all these animals down to your laboratory, you will need a test kit that can be packed in your laboratory kit. Many testing kit manufacturers found around the country have these kits and they can always custom-make one for you.

Elisa Assay test kits have found a home in many veterinarian labs and also hospitals. This is because of their diversity in what they offer. Competitive, sandwich, indirect, and direct Elisa assays offer the best results in showing the antigen-antibody interactions and the wavelength shown. Whichever method you choose to use, you will be guaranteed accurate results. Mybiosource is one of the places where you will always find every testing kit you need. These kits facilitate accurate and specific test results leading to right diagnosis and prescription. Some of the kits you can find include:

Bovine / Cows

Most Texans breed cows and horses and it will be a good scientific advancement to have a kit that tests for specific diseases that affect cows. This saves money and makes your life easier. There are many ways of treating animals, but just using trial and error might kill an animal. Even if the symptoms are known, an Elisa testing kit will confirm the strain of parasite and save the animal’s life. You can easily travel to Texas from Newark to go treat these animals with the test kits in your trunk.

Feline / Cat

The number of cat owners is great and you may have to travel out of town if the cat owner’s move, but still prefer your services. You can easily find Elisa assay kits made specifically for felines. All you will need to do is to keep them under the right conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.


Not knowing the disease that has befallen your chicken and other avian is risky, because most diseases in birds are easily transmitted to other birds and even animals and humans. As a vet, you will be called to check out a break out and find prompt solutions to contain the situation. A portable Elisa kit will be your preferred choice, since it involves fewer machines. After incubating the sample, you will be able to obtain the results and the color change is very visible.

Porcine / Pigs

Swine flu outbreaks can be easily contained with the right test kit that shows the species of the causal agent. Being able to isolate the right kind of antibodies is always the first step to curing and managing diseases. Elisa testing makes it very possible to stay safe and keep the disease localized in the quarantine zones.

Non-Human Primates

There is an Elisa kit that has been made with specifications matching the genome of non-human primates. The specificity and sensitivity of the Elisa assay kits make it possible for animals in the zoo to be treated. The right diagnosis for the disease ailing the chimpanzee or baboon is ascertained and the disease treated in a timely manner. An example is an ADAM Elisa kits.


All animals and birds have different genomes and therefore need testing kits specific to their genetic makeup. A pigeon may fall sick and it is important to have an Elisa testing kit specific for the pigeon’s antibodies. This makes diagnosis possible. A guinea pig would also have its specific Elisa test kit.

Having a biological test kit manufacturer that is second to none and being able to access the right kit specifically made for a particular animal makes it all very efficient. It could mean an end to disease if all vets and doctors would embrace these diagnosis procedures to save time and lives. Most manufacturers can have a testing kit specifically made to diagnose the animal you wish to cure.

Ravi Shaj is a veterinarian with many years’ experience in the use of Elisa Testing techniques. He has engineered development of testing kits, but recommends Elisa Assays. He has written articles on the workings of many assays including Elisa and PCRs. Visit the medical journal to view some of his comments and articles.

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