How To Safely Travel With Loose Diamonds For Wholesale Sale

March 19, 2016

Diamonds are ranked amongst the most valuable metals on earth. This is probably because of the effort put into mining and then cutting to attain the perfect and highest quality brilliance and clarity. Many factors affect the price of diamond rings bought from different places around the world. Thinking of getting a cheap diamond ring to propose to your partner? Think loose diamonds. These are cheaper than already set ones. You can have the loose diamond set on the ring of your choice thereafter and this whole process will save you money.

Certification of the diamonds is however very important; uncertified loose diamond jewelry may land you in prison where you will spend much more money to prove yourself right and your sellers wrong. Keeping your diamonds safe on the road (air) is equally important and these are some of the ways to be safe:

Get Insurance

Yes, you need to! You may be squirming at the thought of finding the right insurance policy for your diamonds but, what could be worse? Spending an extra day or two to get the right insurance or losing your valuables onboard? You could have bought loose diamonds for sale wholesale and this would give your business a big blow.

Do Not Leave Jewels In Your Hotel Room

You may think of your hotel room as your safe haven but it is not. There are thieves everywhere and your hotel room is not that protected. Hotel staff are mischievous and they will grab what they land their hands on. Therefore, carry the diamond rings or loose diamonds with you. You may ask the hotel manager to provide a safe storage for your jewelry.

If you bought affordable diamond rings online following a massive sale offer in a different state or country, then you should keep them extra safe at home. This often escapes people’s minds and they end up losing their beloved jewels in home or office burglaries. Consider buying a safe or having a safety deposit box with your bank. This will give you peace of mind.

Be Street Smart

Picking a non-resident from a crowd is easy especially in small towns. This means that someone could be watching your moves, however noble your cause for the trip is. Landing your hands on affordable diamond rings when traveling is easy, but you should not be carried away. Keep your newly acquired possessions tucked away safely. You should avoid wearing any bright jewelry; gives the impression that you are rich and someone might want to steal your possessions.

Being street smart also means that you should not behave like lost sheep even when you are lost. Confidence in foreign places is key to keeping your possessions and your life.

When traversing different online sites selling loose diamonds for sale at wholesale prices, you should keep in mind the fact that there are many scams and people waiting to get your personal details. You will need to carry out thorough checks of the website and the diamond rings’ certifications. If you have any doubts, go for the next available diamond seller.

Samantha Hayes is a Marketing Manager of one of the biggest online diamond jewelers. She is a traveler and a market researcher of affordable diamond rings and general jewelry around the globe. She attributes the different pricing to the economic status of the source country. She is also a mentor and encourages entrepreneurs to buy loose diamonds for salewholesale internationally and set them after transit to save and make profits.

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  1. Taylor Bishop

    I thought it was interesting that you mentioned that it could be worthwhile to by a safe to store jewelry. To be honest, I never considered this. That being said, seems like it could be a great way to make sure that they are secure at home. Knowing this, I’m kind of interested to learn more about the different types of safes there are, and to learn more about some of the benefits they can offer.


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