Luxury Honeymoon Dilemma: Single Destination VS Cruise Concept

June 7, 2016


Honeymoon decisions often pose dilemmas for newlyweds being that it is the first holiday you will spend together as a married couple. It will always hold a special place in your heart and mind and this is why it should be the most fabulous trip you both have experienced so far!

Honeymoons are usually organised by both the bride and groom or on some occasions, one will arrange the entire trip and surprise their newlywed spouse. This means that in the first case, both will have to fully agree on a honeymoon concept, or in the second case, one must make all decisions on their own, in the hope that their spouse will be happy with their selection. Generally, newlyweds will have a similar honeymoon concept in mind, but with so much choice on destinations and packages, the honeymoon hunt can easily get overwhelming.


What if one of you is a luxury cruise fan wanting to wake up to a different horizon everyday, while the other is looking for a less rushed, more in-depth, single destination luxury honeymoon? Here are a few things to consider that will help honeymooners out of the dilemma:

Single Destination Concept

Santorini Case Study: The Mecca of Honeymoons

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is an island that is a strong contender for the Myth of Atlantis with a very particular natural volcanic beauty. With its city center built on a cliff, this Mediterranean gem offers absolutely breath-taking panoramic views including the most beautiful sunset in the world, making it the ultimate romantic honeymoon destination.


Finding your romantic paradise in Santorini for a luxury honeymoon escape may be tricky (as it is not just another holiday), but not for the lack of choice in venues. The island has a strong tradition in romance, as it is a popular destination for loved-up couples, engagements, weddings, and honeymoons. It is hard to resist being carried away by the immense natural beauty that is strewn effortlessly in front of your eyes; it is bound to inspire strong emotions. However, brides will feel like true goddesses at Astarte suites, that provide a different vantage point than the Caldera hotels, since it is located at the southernmost tip of the island, Akrotiri.
The name ‘Astarte’ is linked to female divinity and has been associated with fertility and sexuality and the planet Venus, so you can be sure that the foundations of a true love story have already been laid there.

Santorini, Greece


Imagine your private terrace, veranda and balcony that allows you to gaze out into the big blue, enjoying an invigorating breakfast from the comfort and luxury of your very own suite. A harmonious dining experience right on the rim of the caldera will include a sensual dance of tastes, while you’ll share million-dollar views from your private jacuzzi and infinity pool. Combining the freedom that this privacy stands for, together with the choice of a more sociable alternative by the main pool bar or a night in town, you and your beloved are sure to get the best of both worlds.

Infinity Pool


Exploring your single honeymoon destination in depth, at your own pace, and on your own terms has immense value. A great honeymoon experience should give honeymooners as much choice as possible, to go with with the flow depending on how they are feeling. A single destination will offer ‘static’ visuals of its landscape from your room with a view, as well as honeymooners being free to explore the island as much as they want. Feeling adventurous? Explore near-by beaches, enjoy a light lunch in town, check out the local shopping scene, taste topical wines, and delicacies or discover hidden picturesque corners between the narrow, vibrant, quaint streets. The world is your oyster!


Rent a catamaran or sailing boat, and experience the island boat tour according to your own preferences and time schedule. And last but not least, honeymooners will most definitely want to indulge in some pampering: spa treatments and en-suite massages as well as beauty services are all available at your request.

Lose yourselves in the indelible leisurely luxuries of honeymoon island life.

Heart In Sand

Cruise Concept

Honeymoon Cruise Case Study: The Honeymoon Cruise Experts

Santorini, Greece

Cruising is the more destination thirsty approach to honeymooning; you pick a cluster of destinations and your entire trip has already been planned ahead, making it worry-free for newlyweds, as it only requires you to bring your amorous disposition and your explorer hat onboard.

The multi-awarded boutique cruise liner offers newlyweds the honeymoon special cruise package, with their choice of itinerary of carefully selected, popular cruise programs. They are tailored for a range of preferences, budgets, and seasons, so there is definitely something that will intrigue your curiosity and ignite your imagination.


A Floating Love Nest For Two

For an affordable luxury cruise, an excellent choice is to opt for a smaller cruise liner of boutique proportions; an immense cruise ship with ostentatious levels of luxury is one way to go, as they provide almost everything you will ever need, minimising the need to go ashore and get to know a destination. Generally, they are not flexible in reaching beautiful small ports due to size, and as a result, the honeymooners are predominantly restricted to being onboard, with the majority of other guests being seniors and pensioners. Romance and ambience may take a hit.

However, if you choose a boutique cruise liner your honeymoon will benefit by easy access to picturesque destination ports, while maintaining simple levels of luxurious comfort: king-bed cabins make sure you sleep like babies, while champagne and a fruit basket upon arrival to welcome you will make you feel as special as you are. A wellness suite on board awaits you for a complimentary honeymoon massage for two, and candlelit dinner will be arranged for the newlyweds, in the special honeymooner dining area on board, just for the two of you.

Tropical Island

Get Up Close And Personal

Choose a cruise from one of the recommended destinations and you can be sure that you will never have a dull moment. Sharing new horizons from truly amazing cruise destinations, filled with ever changing visuals and dynamic views of natural scenery with your new spouse is something that neither of you will soon forget. Although you may not remember every detail of each coast or cove you pass by, you will always remember the feeling of sharing this experience with your other half. The refreshing sea is your infinity pool, bringing you closer to nature and opening a world of activities at your feet: snorkel while holding hands, dive into unexplored waters, take a shore excursion to discover pristine beaches, and make your way through exotic landscapes and tropical jungles. Be prepared to soak up a myriad of stimuli while getting to know a handful of locations just by boarding once.

Santorini, Greece

All Year Round

Cruises are also advantageous in that they are able to offer destination alternatives all year round. There are summer and winter cruises available, ensuring that trip to your desired destination cluster is not compromised by the weather of the season. Places like Seychelles and Madagascar in the Eastern hemisphere, as well as Cuba and Costa Rica on the Western hemisphere are waiting to welcome honeymooners with open ports.

Swim hand in hand in the electric turquoise waters of the Seychelles, get to see the exotic wildlife of the vibrant Madagascar, experience another, more simpler time in Cuba, and explore the treasures of Costa Rica. Cruising gives you immense choice provided you are prepared to live a bit of an adventure, every day.



Lose yourselves in the floating array of visuals and the venturesome side of honeymoon life!

Cuban Car

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