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July 2, 2016

In my opinion, a person — especially a traveler — can never have too many apps! There is one in particular that I believe everyone should download, if they do not have it already, and it is called Strol.

Strol App

Strol’s main purpose is to make sightseeing super convenient. As a busy mom, this is a godsend. I no longer have time to plan and plot my every move beforehand, nor do I have even a second to try and understand a strange map when I am in my new destination. You can use Strol anywhere you are, whether you have only twenty minutes minutes or a whole day to sightsee. Consider it your personal route planner and the best part is that the routes it creates are made on-demand just for you! They are not being pulled from some random database somewhere.

Strol App

Here are some of my favorite things about Strol:

  • Crowdsourced data from thousands of users. Stroll is not a guide written by some paid travel editor. It is valuable information from real travelers just like you all over the world, thus you can be certain you are getting the most interesting routes possible.
  • You can search by routes and landmarks. If you know where you would like to go, say, Times Square in NYC, simply type it into the search bar and receive a list of routes that cover this destination.
  • City tours. If you have a certain amount of time, but no set itinerary, just tell Strol where you are and how long you have. The app will create a made-for-you route to discover your surroundings, leading you back to where you started by the time your sightseeing window runs out.
  • World Heritage Site designations. These important cultural monuments are marked as such within the platform.
  • Achievement log. Track your miles and hours Strol’d and landmarks, cities and countries visited. Every traveler loves to see what they have accomplished!
  • Advanced search capabilities. Google-powered search bar has advanced filtering capabilities that allow the user to narrow down results based on exactly what they are looking for. 

Strol App

Strol is useful for every type of traveler from business travelers to leisure travelers to last-minute travelers. The app helps you uncover places that simply cannot be missed in your destination within the constraints of your schedule. Have an hour to kill? Simply tell Strol your location. The platform will populate a perfect sightseeing loop that will return you to your starting point in sixty minutes or less. This makes your travel experience even more memorable, as you will be introduced to unique local offerings that you probably would not have found in your run-of-the-mill guidebook. Strol eliminates what is often the most stressful part of visiting a new place: getting around. Navigating from here to there becomes a breeze and time spent in transit just might become your favorite part of the trip. I know this is the truth for me now. As a family, we use Strol locally whenever we decide to take our son for a walk somewhere new. We have learned so much more about our city than we ever did. Strol is definitely one of my favorite app’s on my phone now!

With Strol, the process of getting there is just as much fun as when you arrive. To learn more about Strol, visit Strol is available via iPhone and Android.

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