Survival Tips For Traveling With Your Family In An RV

January 4, 2017

Traveling with your family via an RV provides unbelievable advantages. Not only can you enjoy seeing different parts of the country at your own pace and at a value-conscious price, you and your family will become closer as you bond over your shared experiences and revisit them within the comfort of your RV. As great as traveling in an RV can be, there are a couple of things that many people find challenging as well:

Can You Have Privacy In An RV?

While many people have learned to cope with a lack of privacy — especially since they have become parents — you may find that your children do not fare as well without it. Trying to get everyone dressed and ready for bed or an outing can be challenging if you have only a limited amount of room. Erecting a space divider enables you to essentially divide a room into two private spaces. You are able to provide private space for your older child and still be available if she needs a button buttoned or a clasp fastened.

What Are Some Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained?

Keeping your kids entertained while traveling in an RV can be even more difficult than when you are traveling by car. For some kids, the roomier vehicle gives them the impression that they can run and play at their leisure. Much like being safe in the car, though, allowing your youngsters to wander around unrestrained can spell disaster if the driver has to brake or swerve suddenly or if you are in an accident. Instead, keep your kids safely in their car seats or seat belts, and plan ahead with some of the following ideas:

  1. Pack well: When packing, be sure to devote a particular bag with items only for entertaining the kids. Be sure to include snacks, activities, and books and keep the bag where you can easily reach it.
  2. Think messy: This does not mean to pack messy foods and activities. It simply means to think ahead and pack snacks that will not smear or spill as easily. For example, instead of packing small cups of applesauce, buy pouches.
  3. Plan for memories: Even non-writers can have fun scribbling in their own journals. Simply date the journal entries and you will have an instant memory that will be fun to relive later. Older children can chronicle their trip and highlight some of their favorite parts. Encourage them to draw the sights they see. You might even want to outfit them with an inexpensive camera that they can use to produce pictures to fill out their journals later.

Do not forget to build in time to get out of the RV and stretch your legs. Whether you are the driver or the entertainment for your kids, everyone — kids and adults — needs to be able to move around unfettered every few hours. Plan to picnic at a well-maintained rest area on the way to your destination. After you eat, take a stroll to help banish any remaining wiggles before you head out.

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