Five Unforgettable Holidays You Might Not Have Considered

February 3, 2017

When the time comes to go on holiday, many of us often go online to book a beautiful hotel in a luxury resort or to enjoy a popular city break. However, why not do something a little different next time and book a holiday that offers a new experience. Take a look at our five top tips for some travel inspiration:

A Golfing Holiday

Golf is one of the most relaxing sports you can enjoy, because you can experience hours of fun in the great outdoors, developing your skills and socializing with loved ones or other golfers. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or new to the sport, a golfing holiday could be just the thing you need to relax and have a good time on holiday.

One of the best golf courses out there must be St George Golf Courses, which offers affordable, luxurious hotels, beautiful vistas, and challenging shots for you to master. The Red Rock Golf Trail provides eleven courses for you to enjoy and a stunning hotel room to relax in after a busy day of sport. You will feel like Tiger Woods once your golf vacation is over.

An African Safari

How can you not want to go on an African safari, which offers the perfect blend of magnificent scenery, unforgettable wildlife, and the chance to experience a completely different culture? Experienced safari guides will help you navigate your way through the game reserve, allowing you to safely absorb the beauty of many wild animals, such as elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, and more.

An Active Adventure

If you are looking for a holiday that is more of an adventure than a relaxing break, you should select a trip that will put your energy to the test. For example, you could attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or test your endurance by cycling across the country or trekking the Inca Trail. You can rest assured you will not forget an active adventure in a hurry!

An RV Road Trip

You do not have to book a flight or train to experience an amazing holiday. You can simply hire an RV for the road trip of a lifetime with your friends or family. You will sleep, travel, and create amazing memories in this functional vehicle, taking in so many sights and experiences as you go. Plus, you do not even have to set an itinerary. You simply step inside the RV and drive to see where the road takes you.

An Ocean Cruise

Are you tired of stepping onto a plane to reach your dream holiday? Well, why not cut out the middle man and start your luxurious break almost immediately. An ocean cruise allows the journey to become part of the holiday, so you can experience a variety of mesmerizing destinations in one spectacular trip. You could take a tour of Central America and Cuban cruise, traveling from Miami, USA, to Havana, Cuba. There really is no better way to see the world!

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