The Top Concerns Of New Parents With Some Perfect Solutions

February 14, 2017

How much is enough when you feed your baby? What is the best schedule for you and your baby?

Are you struggling to find answers to these questions and many more? You are not alone! All parents experience these questions when they bring their babies at home. You, just like everyone else, will find the answers while adapting to your baby needs and finding a common routine that works for parents and their baby as well.

After 40 weeks of pregnancy — with all the body and mood changes, plus enduring the labor — it seems that the tests are not over. In fact, the biggest one is just about to start: raising your little baby. There is no 100%-successful manual of instructions that will help you find the answers to all your concerns. However, there are some general concerns that all the new parents struggle with and to which you will find the answers below:

How Can I Make My Child Sleep All Night?

There is no magic that will put your child to sleep and keep him or her like this all night. However, you can create the conditions that will encourage your baby to sleep as much as possible:

  • Get your baby used to a bedtime ritual: a warm bath and a relaxing massage will help your baby understand that going to sleep is fun.
  • Try to find what causes the sleepless nights. When feeding and changing do not comfort your child when he or she wakes up crying in the night, it means that there is something else that bothers him or her. Check for the bedroom temperature or nasal irritations. In case this does not work either, take help from a certified baby sleep consultant and try to identify the problem.

How Can I Make Breastfeeding Less Painful?

Usually, the breastfeeding procedure is a soothing one. However, when the baby latches on, moms can experience an uncomfortable sensation. Doctors explain that it takes tons of patience and a bit of trial and error with different positions. Therefore, by trying different things you will most likely find the key for a comfortable breastfeeding.

Is My Baby Gaining Enough Weight?

All parents ask this question and the reasons are definitely obvious. When you are bottle-feeding your child, it is much easier to keep track on the quantity of milk your child drinks. However, when you are breastfeeding, it is more difficult to measure if your kid eats enough or not. Usually, feeding your child every three hours will ensure that he or she receives enough food and will gain weight normally.

How Can I Keep My Baby Active And Entertained?

While your child grows up, he or she will need more attention from your side. Moreover, during the first year of life, it is important to stimulate his or her attention and skills. The best way to do this is by playing with your child different games suitable for each development stage. For example, when your kid is able to support his or her head, one helpful entertainment tool could be the baby jumper. It will keep your baby active during the day and develop his or her legs muscles. You can consider having one of the best baby walkers to teach your kid walking. What is more, after such these activities, your baby will sleep better and longer during the night.

To put it in a nutshell, being a parent for the first time will bring you tons of joy and memorable experiences! Of course, there will be many questions and concerns to which you will try to find the answers, but when you see the smile on your kid’s face, all the worries fly away. Therefore, it is important to enjoy your parent experience and try to be as relaxed as possible.

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