The Best Reasons To Travel While You Study

May 30, 2017

Many students consider traveling, either on a gap year or on smaller trips throughout their studies. However, many decide against it, as they are worried about the cost or neglecting their education. In many cases, traveling either before or during your studies can be incredibly valuable and is definitely something you should do if you get the chance. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


This is probably one of the only times in your life when you have the freedom to travel as you wish. You are old enough to be away without your parents, but not yet tied down by a family of your own or work responsibilities. While you may have to avoid traveling at exam times, you are largely free to hop on a plane at will.


The costs of traveling and visiting other countries can be much lower if you do it while you are young. In part, this is due to you being able to travel out of season and take last minute deals. But, there is also the fact that you do not have a family to consider and you are probably more willing to stay in cheaper accommodations and travel on budget airlines.

Life Experience

Life experiences are as valuable as anything you will learn in college. Getting out there and living in other cultures is the best way to experience them first-hand. It will change you, whether you just pass through different cultures or you spend time working and volunteering in other communities.

It Could Help Your Studies

If you are studying courses like language or geography, getting out there and seeing the world could directly influence your studies, as you will gain great first-hand knowledge. But, even if you are studying a course completely unrelated to travel such as an online MSSD degree from Maryville University, getting away, relaxing, and gaining perspective could help you do well at school.


While traveling, you will meet a huge range of different people. They will be different ages, speak different languages, have different backgrounds, and have lived through different events. At no other time in your life will you meet such people. While some will become lifelong friends, others will get left behind. But, all of them will influence who you become.

You Will Gain A New Outlook

You will learn how to relate to the world around you in a completely different way, while also becoming more responsible and independent. For many, their time spent traveling is the first time they have been away from the comfort and support of home. This, along with everything you will see and the people you will meet, will change your outlook on the world, as well as your own life. You will grow up and return a more mature and independent person ready to face new challenges.

Choosing to study an online degree such as an online masters in software development can give you great options if you want to travel. Studying an online degree means you can travel whenever you want and study on the go. However you chose to study, you will find traveling changes your life in so many positive ways and is well worth it!

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