A Road Trip Through Lough Neagh In Ireland

June 9, 2017

The single largest lake in all the British Isles, Lough Neagh, is an absolutely vast expanse of natural beauty, covering over 150 square miles of land in Northern Ireland. The Lough is a tranquil destination for many nature lovers — with beautiful views and relaxing areas — really making the lake stand out for anyone planning a visit. Since it is so vast, the best way to explore it is definitely by car. Are you ready for the ultimate road trip?

Across the years, the Lough’s natural beauty has inspired a few different mythological tales, with the huge lake being explained as the creation of gods or made as the result of the famous giant Finn McCool’s actions. From the ancient past to the present day, Lough Neagh has been an incredible part of the Northern Irish landscape. The best way to see everything is to travel slowly with your car and stop when you feel compelled. Remember, when you are traveling in a foreign country and using a foreign car it is best to invest in Chill Insurance.

If you are more of an exercise fan, I think you would enjoy the hiking and biking routes about the Lough. There are trails around the whole site and there are usually many people visiting, so you can be rest assured of good company during your journey. If you are looking to set sail, there is an excellent pickup point in Ballyronan, about a 45 minute drive from Belfast. Get ready for the boat ride that you will remember for the rest of your life. The views will take your breath away!

I really cannot overstate how beautiful the lake is, from midday bliss to gorgeous autumnal tones later on in the day. Surrounded by huge forests, the lough is a tranquil paradise, the absolute perfect choice for a bit of relaxation.

Of course, there is plenty to do in nearby Belfast itself, so make sure to stop there for a day or two. I recommend taking in a show over at the Grand Opera House in the evening before heading back to your hotel. Much like the Lough, the opera house is hugely impressive, with some very royal decor throughout.

All in all, there is no reason not to put this area of Ireland on your Bucket List immediately. Once you experience a road trip around the Lough Neagh you will want to return year after year.

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