Incredible Destinations To Learn A New Skill

June 25, 2017

Going on a vacation is the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun, but you could also use it as an opportunity to learn or perfect a skill. Then when you return home, you will be able to feel proud of your accomplishments and it may even open up a new career for you! Not sure what to do? Keep on reading and I will recommend some of the best destinations and activities that should be on your radar:

Archery In England

Handling your first bow may be an overwhelming experience, but with the right lessons, it will be a lot easier. If you happen to be in England, your holiday can be spent learning the art of archery. You will discover that while it can be a little tricky at first, with patience, it will not take long before you will master the fundamentals. There is no need to be intimidated. It does not take long to learn, so you will soon be firing arrows like you are Robin Hood; you can even practice your archery skills in the famous Sherwood Forest.

Scuba Diving In Malta

If you want to be a certified diver, while also enjoying an exotic paradise, Malta is one of the places that you should keep an eye on. Through the supervision of expert divers, you will learn the basics of breathing underwater and discover the kind of beauty that you might have not seen anywhere before. Whether you have a few hours or several days to spare, there are lots of options to have the training to become a diver.

Skiing In Whistler

As one of the best ski destinations in the world, a lot of people may be intimated over the idea of visiting Whistler. In reality, this is a place that is perfect even for beginners. A lot of ski resorts have classes for beginners, which is a good way to get started in skiing. Whistler has a wide selection of accommodation, including five-star resorts that are perfect even for the most discerning vacationers. It has a rugged landscape with unrivalled beauty. It is also home to a number of excellent restaurants that will surely give your stomach a filling treat.

Golf In South Africa

From the magnificent Table Mountain to Boulders Beach, which is famed for its penguins, South Africa is a country that should be on your bucket list. If you have always been interested in learning golf, this is also a good place to get started. Whether you have zero knowledge about golf or you are looking forward to harnessing your skill, there are plenty of places that can offer lessons. They have an abundance of golf courses that are made even better with the magnificent views that they offer.

Horse Riding In Spain

Riding a horse is not just a recreational activity, but also a sport. It may seem straightforward, but it is also technical. In Spain, there are many places that offer lessons for first timers. Learning how to ride a horse will give you the perfect opportunity to explore the rugged countryside. Some of the best places where you can do this include Almeria, Andalucia, Catalonia, and Costa de Luz. The best thing is that once you have the hang of horse riding, you can do it almost anywhere in the world, here are some of the best places.

Animal Care

If you love animals, then looking after animals abroad could be the perfect opportunity for you. You can volunteer at an animal rescue center where you will be able to take care of a whole variety of animals or you can contribute to more specific projects such as turtle conservation in Costa Rica or Panda conservation in China. Oyster Worldwide have a good variety of projects, my favorites are volunteering with elephants and looking after orphaned baby monkeys!

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