No Stress, No Risk, No Cost — Getting Your Flight Delay Compensation Has Never Been Easier

August 30, 2017

We have all been on one of those nightmare holidays, where literally everything that can go wrong does. You get soaked in heavy rain before leaving the UK, your plane is delayed, and your car hire takes an age, leaving you waiting, sweating, in the heat of your destination. Do not even get me started on the accommodation issues or the family arguments! While there is no getting past all those little annoyances and hassles, there is some compensation, specifically from the airlines.

If your flight was delayed by more than three hours, according to EU legislation, you could be owed anywhere between €200-600. Historically, getting that compensation off the airlines has been anything but straightforward, with them employing any means necessary to avoid paying. Fortunately, there are new methods and routes you can take when it comes to getting your money. Namely, finding the right flight delay compensation agency to champion your cause.

You might be worried that this could be expensive or long-winded, but you could not be more wrong. With legal experts covering everything, all the potential stress, hassle, angst, and worry is taken entirely out of your hands and handled by the agency. You just sit back and wait for the check to arrive! Here is why flight delay compensation has never been easier to get:

Landmark Legal Changes

Back in 2014, there were two major landmark cases that set the record straight. Prior to then, the airlines had been citing technical difficulties as extraordinary circumstances in the face of flight delay compensation cases. This is nothing more than an excuse and an attempt to avoid paying. When it comes to air travel, it is all about overcoming technical difficulties and to say more technical difficulties arising is in any way extraordinary is paramount to deception.

That is where these two landmark cases in 2014 come into play. It was ruled that technical difficulties did not constitute extraordinary circumstances and that airlines had to pay out regardless, which is great news for travelers! If you are flying from a European airport or with a European airline, your rights are protected under EU law if your flight becomes delayed or is cancelled entirely.

Quality Agencies Handle All the Hassle

If you have recently been victim to an airlines disorganisation and incompetence and have spent an irritating three plus hours sitting around in an airport, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with getting flight delay compensation if you use a flight delay compensation company.

They handle all the stress and effort, all you need to do is give them the key information, as well as that they shoulder all the legal and financial stress. Their legal expertise demands the airlines attention and will get you your money is no time. Combined with their access to vast databases of past cases, flight data and information, they are a force to be reckoned with!

If you want your compensation, with minimum hassle, then it has never been easier. Just get in contact with a quality flight delay compensation service right now!

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