Spa-tastic Destinations

October 27, 2017

What is a spa? A spa is a place where mineral-rich spring water or seawater is used to give medicinal baths. There are many spa towns or spa resorts, including hot springs resorts, which offer numerous health treatments. It is a long-held belief that such spa treatments offer cures to many common ailments. Such spas can be found worldwide and are a widely held as an excellent way to invigorate the body and calm the soul. Day spas and spa hotels are also quite popular and offer various complimentary therapies. Are you looking for a relaxing, indulgent spa break away from the stresses of life, but do not know where to begin? Why not start by looking at a few spa destinations and what they have to offer?


The concept of a Turkish bath was first brought to the country by the Romans and has remained part of its diverse culture ever since. These spas are also known as Hamams. Turkish spas are found throughout Turkey, whether you choose to visit a tourist hotspot like Bodrum or want to visit a rich cultural spot such as the caves of Cappadocia or bustling Istanbul. There are even Roman baths in the ruins of archaeological sites such as Ephesus, close to Izmir and Perge near Antalaya. In Turkey, a Hamam is a tiled room that has been lightly heated, with a heated marble slab. Patrons lie on the stone slab and are exfoliated by being scrubbed with a loofa, then massaged with oils and finally washed clean with hot water.


As well as being a world-renowned holiday destination, Thailand is also famous for its spa resorts and wellness retreats. It is impossible to visit Thailand without a trip to the local spa for a traditional Thai Massage. Instead of the relaxing gliding and kneading motions employed in more popular types of massage, Thai massage involves yoga-like stretching, pulling, and rocking motions to relieve tension and promote flexibility and range of motion. Thai massage, as with most forms of massage, is often used to alleviate stress and protect against stress-related health problems.


How about a trip to the Dead Sea? This unique lake is reportedly the most oxygen-rich natural spa on the planet. With the Judean hills as a backdrop, the spectacular turquoise waters of the Dead Sea are a real oasis of tranquility and relaxation. The reported benefits of bathing in the Dead Sea are skin rejuvenation, reduction of heart problems, increased blood circulation, and stress relief. If a dip in the lake is not appealing, there are a plethora of quality spa hotels to enjoy a relaxing break and take in the natural beauty of the area.

Unite Kingdom

How about a relaxing spa break in the United Kingdom? The UK has a great combination of a rich history, stunning countryside views and fantastic luxury spa hotels to try out. There are also many famous spa towns to visit such as Harrogate, Bath, and Leamington Spa where you can find the sites of old Roman baths. Try out reputable spa hotels offering cutting-edge treatments from around the world including facials, massages pedicure/manicures, and spa baths. Truly a great way to combine an activity filled holiday with a little relaxation time.

Whether you choose to jet off across the world to somewhere exotic or go local to avoid the heat and expense, a well-chosen spa destination can certainly broaden your horizons and offer you the relaxing, indulgent “me-time” needed to escape the stresses and strains life as to offer.

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