Greek Island Look-Alikes: Two Mainland Destinations

November 8, 2017

The alluring beauty of the Greek Islands is known far and wide. If you are looking for a European escape for next summer, then Greece should be on the top of your list, if not the first contender. There are so many destinations to choose from that making a decision can be difficult. For families especially, criteria for choosing a destination will differ greatly from the majority of other kinds of travelers. Although families are primarily concerned with selecting a place that has top-notch child facilities, when holidaying in Greece the beauty of surroundings is a matter of fact, whether island or mainland. In addition to its many islands, the morphology of Greece makes a mostly coastal country. This means that a very large area of the country’s mainland boasts numerous seaside destinations that very much resemble its gorgeous islands. Here are two Greek island look-alikes that are mainland destinations perfect for unforgettable family holidays in Greece.

Porto Heli In The Peloponnese

A long time Greek favorite resort destination in the Peloponnese peninsula awaits families who wish to venture outside of Athens. Easily accessed by a couple of hours drive from the Greek capital, past the Corinth isthmus and southward, you will get to a place that will fill your days with utter joy. The picturesque town of Porto Heli greets you with its quaint bay and overlooking it is where you will find a great resort, which has a long standing tradition in catering for family holidays in the Peloponnese. However, only slightly further away, Hinitsa Bay will positively astound you with views that cannot accurately be described in words. Designed in a way so that the majority of rooms get to indulge in the epic views over the islet of Hinitsa and the island of Spetses in the distance, waking up here will put you in a good mood every day of your stay. With a gorgeous sandy beach to call its own, both adult and kids pools, this hotel has a complete set of top notch facilities that put a high priority on families. Kids get a cinema, a playground, and a mini club with trained animators and childcare experts who make sure the little ones are engaged in fun and educational activities daily. Water taxis leave from the pier round the clock and can take your family on an day excursion and discover Spetses, a very aristocratic island.

Kassandra in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is located northbound and accessed via a short plane ride to Greece’s second capital city, Thessaloniki. It is where the northern Greeks often go and will refer to it as one of the best places on earth. Halkidiki is also a peninsula, and although it is smaller than the total area of the Peloponnese, its shape forms three “legs”, thus creating a huge coastline. The third “leg”, Mount Athos, is off limits for tourists, as it is home to the monastic state of Agio Oros (the Holy Mountain). The second “leg” Sithonia is not so developed touristically, whereas Kassandra, the first “leg”, is a different scenario, as it combines the best attributes of the region in a way that families can have the time of their lives there. All the way to the southernmost tip of Kassandra in Paliouri there is a place that is ideal for family holidays in Halkidiki. With the potential of exploring Halkidiki whilst engaging in various outdoor activities, all members of the family can have an unforgettable time! Luxurious thermal spa treatments for adults and children are available, while children have a whole kids planet dedicated to them managed by a professional childcare company WWC. And with the only marina in Halkidiki as part of its waterfront, families can explore the entire region on a smooth sailing trip and discover the nearby coves and points of interest such as Kelifos, or Turtle island as it’s commonly known.

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Halkidiki
Kids Planet Halkidiki Miraggio

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