Four Ways To Make Your Next Trip More Affordable

November 15, 2017

Many people do not travel as much as they would like, because it can be expensive. Even traveling domestically can end up costing thousands of dollars. Since it can be so expensive, most give up and stop traveling altogether. But, you do not have to! You just have to follow these four tips to save money, so you can plan more adventures with your family:

Save Money On Your Flight

Depending on where you are traveling, the cost of the flight can be the most expensive part of your trip. It does not have to be, but you do have to do a little research, and you have to be flexible. A few ways to save money on your next flight include:

  • Travel in the middle of the week and avoid flying on the weekends.
  • Avoid traveling directly before or after a holiday.
  • Book your flight two to three weeks ahead of your vacation.
  • Look for coupons online, such as MakeMyTrip offers from GrabOn

In some cases, you may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on where you are traveling and how many tickets you are purchasing.

Do Not Spend Money In The Airport

It is not uncommon to find yourself hanging out in the airport for hours on end. That means you will likely end up getting hungry and you may be tempted to do a little shopping. No matter how tempting it is, try to spend as little money at the airport as possible.

Prices at the airport are extremely inflated, because they know you do not want to leave (who wants to go through airport security again?). Instead, bring some snacks, magazines, and puzzle books in your carry-on. Never buy books, chips, or neck pillows at the airport because they are horribly overpriced.

Do Not Eat Out For Every Meal

Expensive food is not just found at the airport. Many travelers spend a huge amount of money on food when they get to their destination. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the course of days or weeks can really add up.

If you can, try making at least one meal on your own each day. From yogurt and nuts for breakfast to sandwiches for lunch, you will save a surprising amount of money.

Contact The Hotel Directly

Many people start and end their search for flights and hotels by checking out third party sites like Expedia and Kayak. There is no doubt that these sites have some great deals, but do not forget to contact the hotel directly for the best rate.

In many cases, the hotel will give you a better deal than what you found online. If not, they may throw in additional perks that you would not get from a website deal, like free breakfast, free parking, or upgraded WiFi.

With the right approach, you can end up saving quite a bit of money on your next trip. When you see just how much you can save for yourself, you will get excited about planning your next vacation.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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