Is My Spouse Using Drugs: Here Are Five Early Signs You Should Look Out For

December 27, 2017

Seeing your loved one suffering with a drug addiction is one of the worst nightmares any spouse can ever face. Regardless of age or gender, drug abuse is a deteriorating disease that cuts across all societal barriers with equally devastating effects. While most people would like to believe that their spouses would share anything with them, many drug users find it extremely difficult to disclose such information, hence it requires you to be extra keen to look for the tell-tale signs of a budding drug habit. Remember though it is never too late to detox from meth and/or any substance! Here are the top five signs you need to look out for:

  1. Change in their relationship with you

This is probably one of the earliest signs you should look out for. If your spouse has a drug habit, they might feel the need to hide from you and minimize interactions as much as possible so that you do not uncover their secret. If you find that your spouse has been growing increasingly distant by avoiding conversations, always finding excuses to be away from home and even starting tolie about their whereabouts, then you should definitely be concerned as to whether they may be hiding a drug problem.

  1. Sudden change in social behavior

As a spouse, you most probably know all your significant other’s close friends and companions. If you notice that there is a sudden shift in the people they spend time with, then you should definitely investigate deeper to see if there is an underlying problem. If they are frequently having more interactions with members of the opposite sex, do not be so quick to assume infidelity. Rather, look and see if there is a trend of drug and substance abuse within their new circle of friends.

  1. Unusual spending habits

Regardless of which drug they may be using, substance abuse is always an expensive habit. Hence, if your loved one has begun exhibiting strange financial habits, then you should definitely pay close attention to this. Selling of personal items, gambling and sudden removal of large sums of money from your joint bank accounts are all early indications that your spouse could be trying to finance a drug habit.

  1. Look out for physical signs

All drugs have terrible effects on the physical and psychological state of the user. For example, if you suspect that your loved one is battling with a heroin addiction, some common physical signs to look out for include track marks on skin, having flushed skin, sudden episodes of extreme drowsiness, nausea or vomiting, itchy skin, shallow breathing and dilated pupils.

  1. Presence of drug paraphernalia

When you notice the physical signs of drug abuse, be sure to look out for the presence of drug-related supplies. Some common paraphernalia could include syringes, numerous pills with no prescription, residue of whitish or brownish powder, rubber tubes and small bags or brown papers with a strange smell. If your spouse has exhibited these signs of drug abuse, then you should have a candid discussion with them and thereafter assist them to find a road to recovery.

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